Entertainment: Salman Rushdie "On the way to recovery", his attacker pleads "not guilty"

Salman Rushdie stabbed: "Nothing justifies a fatwa", is indignant "Charlie Hebdo"

 Salman Rushdie stabbed: "The freedom to think, to think and to express has no value for God and his servants", writes Riss, Director of publication of the newspaper, after the attack of which the writer in the United States was the victim. © supplied by Franceinfo "Nothing justifies a fatwa, a death sentence", indignant the editorial staff of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Saturday August 13, after the attack on the British writer Salman Rushdie .

Salman Rushdie pris en charge après son agression vendredi 12 août, à New York. © Mary Newsom Salman Rushdie taken care of after his assault on Friday August 12 in New York.

After dread and worry, reassuring news. In the next day of the violent attempted murder he suffered on Friday in New York State, when he was about to give a literary conference, the writer Salman Rushdie, 75, remains hospitalized in a serious condition, in Pennsylvania. But he is better and was able to say a few words.

Salman Rushdie is "No more under an artificial respirator, speaks (and pleasant)" , had tweeted on Saturday evening the writer Aatish Taseer, holder of British and American dual nationality, as the author of the Satanic verses. This message, the first indication on the evolution of the state of health of Salman Rushdie after a long Saturday of uncertainty, was then deleted by its author. Who, on Sunday, apologized in a new tweet: "not my role to give news. It was just a great joy to finally have some good news. "

"Religious obscurantism struck us": Éric Naulleau reacts to the attack on Salman Rushdie

 © Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP The Iranian writer Salman Rushdie was the victim of a knife attack at a conference. In Europe evening, the writer and journalist Éric Naulleau returned to this assault. He explained that "Salman Rushdie was despite himself a political issue and a geopolitical issue". Horror struck on Friday in New York. British writer Salman Rushdie was the victim of a knife attack at a conference .

Responsible for expressed officially on the state of health of Salman Rushdie, his agent Andrew Wylie confirmed on Saturday evening in the New York Times which he had started to speak, before giving more details in a press release Transmitted Sunday morning to several American media. Writer "is no longer under an artificial respirator, so the lane of recovery started , he says. She will be long, the injuries are serious, but her condition evolves in the right direction. ”

Friday evening, a few hours after the facts, Andrew Wylie was alarmist, stressing that "the news" were "not good" . "Salman will probably lose an eye, the nerves of his arm have been cut and his liver was stabbed and damaged" , he said just after the surgery suffered by the writer.

Salman Rushdie must obtain the Nobel of Literature, according to Bernard-Henri Lévy

 Salman Rushdie must obtain the Nobel of Literature, according to Bernard-Henri Lévy © Joel Saget / AFP "I do not imagine another writer", writes Bernard-Henri Lévy. The philosopher, Bernard-Henri Lévy, believes that Salman Rushdie, hospitalized in serious condition after being stabbed in the United States on Friday, must obtain the Nobel Prize for Literature.

stabbed ten times

The alleged assailant of Salman Rushdie , a young American of 24 years of Lebanese origin, born in California a decade after the publication of the Satanic verses, who earned the writer a "fatwa" From Iran in 1989, was presented on Saturday to a New York State judge, before which he pleaded "not guilty" of "attempted murder" .

During this procedural hearing at the Chaattaqua court, Hadi Matar, resident of the neighboring state of New Jersey, appeared in black and white striped outfit, handcuffed and masked, and did not say a word, d 'After the New York Times and photos of the local press. He must appear again next Friday.

For the prosecutor, premeditation is no doubt. Because like all the other spectators present on Friday morning in the amphitheater of the Chautauqua Institution, Hadi Matar had bought a ticket to attend the conference of Salman Rushdie. According to the services of the County Prosecutor of Chaattaqua, who provided details on the assault at the court hearing, he stabbed the writer ten times, including three at the neck and four at the abdomen . Salman Rushdie also had a wound in the right eye, chest and right thigh.

The assailant of Rushdie pleads non-guilty, the writer always hospitalized

 The assailant of Rushdie pleads non-guilty, the writer always hospitalized Personalite-Salman-Rushdie: the assailant of Rushdie not guilty, the writer always hospitalized © Reuters/Dylan Martinez The Assatillant of Rushdie Plaid Non -guilty, the writer still hospitalized by Kanishka Singh and Nathan Layne (Reuters) - the author of Indian origin Salman Rushdie was still hospitalized after being stabbed on Friday during a conference organized by the Chautaa Institution in the New York State.

"My life is again normal"

installed in the United States for twenty years, Salman Rushdie had resumed an almost normal life, without police protection, even if the "fatwa" launched against him by the Ayatollah Khomeiny n ' had never been lifted.

Coincidence, the German magazine Stern had interviewed him a few days ago, before the attack: "Since I live in the United States, I have no more problem […] My life is normal again , then assured the writer, in this interview to appear in extenso on August 18, saying "optimistic" despite "daily death threats".

In a late press release published on Saturday evening, more than twenty-four hours after the facts, American president Joe Biden condemned "the brutal attack" against the author of the Satanic verses. "Salman Rushdie, with his vision of humanity, his unrivaled sense of the story, his refusal to be intimidated or silenced, embodies essential and universal values. Truth. Courage. Resilience. The ability to share fearless ideas. These are the constituent elements of any free and open society ”, wrote the tenant of the White House.

Update : Updated at 4:39 pm with Salman Rushdie agent's press release

Salman Rushdie: Man facing US court accused of stabbing author .
Hadi Matar will appear at Chautauqua County Court in New York state.A grand jury has indicted Hadi Matar, who allegedly attacked 75-year-old Sir Salman as the renowned author prepared to give a talk in western New York state on August 12.

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