Entertainment: Val Kilmer was "so moved" by Top Gun: Maverick cameo scene

Quentin Tarantino loves "Top Gun: Maverick": That's why he celebrates the cinema spectacle - and even makes a big exception

 Quentin Tarantino loves the world loves " Top Gun: Maverick ". So far, the flying action sequel has not only been by far the world's most successful film this year, but is also overwhelmed by praise by the audience and criticism. The official film start criticism says that the " Top Gun " sequel is not only "really good", but "even better than the original".

Top Gun: Maverick was a blast of nostalgia, bringing back Tom Cruise and even Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone'.

Val Kilmer also made a heartwarming comeback. Although the trailers only featured a picture of his character Iceman on the wall, and he only communicated with Cruise's Maverick via text throughout most of the film, the pair had a face-to-face during an important point in the plot.

In real life, Kilmer has been battling throat cancer for years, which has impacted his ability to speak, something documented in his documentary Val.

Iceman, Top Gun Maverick trailer © Paramount Iceman, Top Gun Maverick trailer

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Top Gun: Maverick confirms digital release date

  Top Gun: Maverick confirms digital release date Soon to be landing on your TV screens.While the film is still playing in cinemas across the UK, Paramount Pictures has confirmed its plans for home release, with the movie being available to stream from August 24 before physical copies are available later this year.

Speaking about the powerful scene, director Joseph Kosinski recalled to The Hollywood Reporter what it was like showing the finished scene to Cruise and Kilmer for the first time.

"Well, Tom was involved throughout the editorial process in kind of shaping that scene and building that scene," he explained. "So there was never really a moment of showing him the final. He was kind of there as it evolved, and he was obviously a key part of it.

"But I do remember showing it to Val for the first time. That's a very distinct memory because he came in to watch parts of the film. So that was one scene I wanted him to see, and obviously, we were all a little nervous showing it to him just because we really wanted him to like it.

Tom Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick © Paramount Tom Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick

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Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski responds to dark Maverick theory

  Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski responds to dark Maverick theory "I will not throw cold water on that."Top Gun: Maverick's director has responded to a rather dark theory around Tom Cruise's character Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in the movie.

"But his response was beautiful. He was so happy and so moved by it that it made us all feel really good and that maybe we had gotten it right."

While people may have been initially skeptical, Top Gun: Maverick has been a MASSIVE hit both commercially and critically.

Top Gun: Maverick is available to watch on Sky Cinema, NOW and Virgin TV.

Top Gun: Maverick is now the biggest 'part two' sequel of all time .
It secures another box office record.After several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Top Gun sequel opened in May to rave reviews across the board from audiences and critics alike.

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