Entertainment: Michael Crawford: Queen Elizabeth has taken me through my life

Princess Anne Releases Moving Statement About Sharing 'The Last 24 Hours Of My Dearest Mother’s Life'

  Princess Anne Releases Moving Statement About Sharing 'The Last 24 Hours Of My Dearest Mother’s Life' She accompanied the Queen's coffin as it arrived from Edinburgh to London on Tuesday, September 13The 72-year-old royal, who this evening accompanied her mother's coffin as it travelled from Edinburgh to London, began: 'I was fortunate to share the last 24 hours of my dearest mother's life.

Michael Crawford says Queen Elizabeth has "taken him through" his life.

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The 80-year-old actor was just 10 years old when Queen Elizabeth - who died at the age of 96 on September 8 following a 70-year reign - acceded to the throne after the death of her father King George and upon hearing the news, he immediately went home from school to start a scrapbook on her, which he has kept to this day.

He said: "Well I was a 10-year-old choirboy at the London Choir School in Bexley in Kent and we were called out to the tennis courts to be given an announcement and it was just very plain and simple 'The King is dead, long live the Queen' and the first thing I did was go home and found out who this lady is going to be. I bought the comics that I normally took and they were full of this beautiful young princess. I started a scrapbook. We didn't have phones in those days, but there were plenty of hobbies and one of them was making scrapbooks, which, I have kept to this day. This wonderful lady has taken me through my life and hundreds of thousands of others as well."

Queen's relationship with Armed Forces highlighted on Instagram

  Queen's relationship with Armed Forces highlighted on Instagram The Royal Family has celebrated the late Queen's longlasting and 'deeply personal' relationship with the British Armed Forces in a post on social media. Posting on Instagram, the photos celebrate how late monarch the served in uniform in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Second World War, as well her ongoing commitment to the Armed Forces. The slideshow of poignant moments was accompanied by a lengthy caption which described the Queen as 'one of our last links to the extraordinary wartime generation.

The West End star - who was awarded a CBE back in 2014 for charitable and philanthropic services - went on to explain that the late monarch was "rather like" former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and believes that her State Funeral on Monday (17.09.22) will be tearful occasion.

Speaking on the BBC special 'The State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth', he said: "It's so difficult to say. It sounds so strange. She was so close to so many with our thoughts. Rather like Churchill, you didn't see the engine room. You just saw the result. She was always so kind and so generous.

"I remember the other day, when the car was coming back from Northolt and the outriders were protecting her. Thousands of people were standing in the middle of the road - all races, all ages just clapping this wonderful woman. As we came round Victoria memorial, the outriders were all gathered in two lines on a curve with these large helmets on bending their heads forward. I burst into tears. It was so moving and I think there are going to be many tears tomorrow."

The queen, as imagined — from punk rock to mystery novels .
In the spring of 2012, portrait artist Ralph Heimans stood on the Cosmati pavement of Westminster Abbey and awaited the subject of his latest commission, Queen Elizabeth II. When she approached, he says, it was an extraordinary moment. "She was wearing her Robe of State, with four footmen holding it, and as she came down the long corridor it was a very theatrical kind of entrance,” Heimans said soon after he had learned that the queen had died Thursday at age 96.After spending an hour the queen, “discussing niceties,” he came away with “a sense of how thoughtful she was, almost a sense of shyness, an introspective quality.

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