Entertainment: Charles III: The day of its coronation finally revealed?

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Charles III : le jour de son couronnement enfin dévoilé ? © Agency / Bestimage Charles III: The day of its coronation finally revealed? Charles III will he be crowned king on June 2, 2023, seventy years after his mother, Elizabeth II? The date advanced by British officials according to Bloomberg this Wednesday, October 5 would be highly symbolic.

Charles III, Sacred King in June 2023? The information is advanced by Bloomberg this Tuesday, October 4. The British writing even announces a date: June 2, 2023. If necessary, This choice would be extremely symbolic. seventy years rather day today, Queen Elizabeth was indeed anoint in the London cathedral of Westminster . Some royal experts nevertheless doubt of this information. Starting with the famous Rebecca English. She believes that this is speculation. Buckingham Palace has not yet communicated in this regard , while the firm calendar next June is packed.

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moreover, Charles III must respect the pain of the English, which is still lively, before being sacred. A coronation is an event supposed to arouse the jubilation of the subjects ... anticipated by the Duke of Norfolk, who prepared the millimeter organization of the funeral of Elizabeth II, the Golden Orb plan is launched. Nevertheless, a coronation only six months after the death of Elizabeth II this Thursday, September 8, could thus seem premature, even disrespectful. The queen of the century had thus waited a year and a half after the death of her father Georges VI before receiving the sacrament.

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Update: Very Speculative Indeed. No Firm Date. The Big Issue With Any Date in June is that is an extremely busy Time in the Royal Calendar: Garter, Royal Ascot, Public Commitments ... https://t.co/7hekyqyх-2-Rebecca English (@re_dailymail) October 5, 2022

A restricted Gotha and an economical coronation whatever its date, The coronation of Charles III will be more modest

than that of his mother. First coronation of an English monarch to be filmed, that of Elizabeth II had gathered 8,000 guests. Her son plans to invite a quarter of these dignitaries. A restriction that promises a serious diplomatic puzzle. As with the funeral of Elizabeth II, the heirs of the reigning sovereigns would thus be deprived of boxes. By doing so, Charles III would nevertheless prove that he is aware of the issues of the 21st century. More than ever, Windsor must be exemplary to last. At a time when the United Kingdom is struck by serious inflation, fueled by Brexit and the war in Ukraine, The splendor of a coronation could irritate the taxpayer . An annoyance already expressed by some British after the holidays declared to the death of Elizabeth II.

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The parliamentary monarchy is still based on nobiliary privileges.

The Windsor, which crystallize them, are not the only ones to benefit from them. 92 Lords sit in the upper room of the Parliament of the United Kingdom thanks to their only line. The title of Charles III, by the grace of God , King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and his other kingdoms and territories, head of the Commonwealth and defender of faith, could to have less meaning for some in the 21st century. Especially since the Anglicans already represented less than 20% of the population in 2016 according to the echoes . to read also “Whatever you do…”: the heartbreaking words of Prince Philip to Charles on his deathbed - Gala

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