Entertainment: Mette-Marit from Norway: Girlfriend of son Marius is like her a free spirit

Fears over Russian threat to Norway's energy infrastructure

  Fears over Russian threat to Norway's energy infrastructure STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Norwegian oil and gas workers normally don’t see anything more threatening than North Sea waves crashing against the steel legs of their offshore platforms. But lately they have noticed a more troubling sight: unidentified drones buzzing in the skies overhead. With Norway replacing Russia as Europe's main source of natural gas, military experts suspect the unmanned aircraft are Moscow's doings. They list espionage, sabotage and intimidation as possible motives for the drone flights. The Norwegian government has sent warships, coastguard vessels and fighter jets to patrol around the offshore facilities.

For several months Marius Høiby has a new woman at his side: Nora Haukland. The influencer is young, attractive and the third partner with which the 25-year-old son of Mette-Marit from Norway (49) shows in public. Before Nora conquered his heart, he was with the Norwegian model Juliane Snekkestad for four years. Previously, Linn Helena Nielsen was by his side. Marius' girlfriend Nora recently attended a public bath. And because she enjoyed herself with a friend, she had to take sharp criticism. What not everyone knows: Mette-Marit was also on parties a lot at parties before her marriage to Crown Prince Haakon (49). And is not so unlike her daughter -in -law in SPE.

Mette-Marit & Haakon from Norway: Private change provides speculations

 Mette-Marit & Haakon from Norway: Private change provides speculations for Crown Princess Mette-Marit (49) and Crown Prince Haakon from Norway (49) comes to an end. Her holiday home Villa Vogts has been her retreat on the Norwegian island of Dvergsøya since 2010. Together with the children Marius (25), Ingrid (18) and Sverre (16) they spent carefree holidays here and enjoyed the time away from all royal obligations. Now the couple has terminated the lease, reports "Dana Press". But there is ambiguity over the reasons.

Mette-Marit von Norwegen: Freundin von Sohn Marius ist wie sie ein Freigeist © Julian Parker/UK Press Via Getty Images Mette-Marit von Norway: Girlfriend of Son Marius is like her a free spirit your browser does not support this video mette-marit by Norway's son Marius: His girlfriend is a free spirit

Nevertheless, Noras was allowed to wake up memories of unconventional behavior in some royal fans. After all, Mette-Marit one was also a big free spirit. Before today's crown princess married to the

Mette-Marit & Haakon from Norway: Why her love did not fail

 Mette-Marit & Haakon from Norway: Why her love did not fail Your common story is almost Hollywood ready: In 1999 Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby met the Norwegian crown prince Haakon . He: The son of King Harald (85) and Queen Sonja (85) - You: bourgeois and mother of a toddler. But as chance wanted, it made "zoom" directly with the two. Today Mette-Marit and the heir to the throne have been married for 21 years and received two other children together: Ingrid Alexandra (18) and Sverre Magnus (17).


married, she was a welcome guest at parties. Mette celebrated a lot - and also rebel with her look. In her twenties, the Norwegian even wore a bald head. She also liked to smoke cigarettes. With the years-and its royal role-Mette-Marit has calmed down. It leads a very healthy life. Also because she made public in 2018 that she suffers from an illness. With its chronic

lung fibrosis

, the lung tissue changes pathologically, which, according to current medical knowledge, cannot be cured. Precisely because Mette used to travel a lot in the past, she may understand Nora best. And maybe gave her a tip, because the young woman now apologized publicly for her actions. Marius Høiby: Girlfriend Nora publicly apologizes for a revealing party

After many Norwegians criticized Nora Haukland's behavior-she celebrated freely in a bath-the 25-year-old was now looking for the public to apologize. She "didn't want to hurt any" and "asked spontaneously" whether she wanted to visit the bathroom with a friend. According to his own statement, Nora is "very sad" about the criticism that has become loud. Her Instagram profile on which she posted the statement is now also private. Insight sounds different, but at least the influencer admits that her behavior took consequences with her. As long as she is in a relationship with the crown princess's son, she will have to get used to this. Will the Norwegian royal family Nora take as warmly as Marius' ex-girlfriend Juliane? Together with Marius' half -siblings Ingrid Alexandra

(18) and Sverre Magnus (17), even with family celebrations .

London buses: TfL unveils first electric Boris bus with passengers expected to travel by end of year

  London buses: TfL unveils first electric Boris bus with passengers expected to travel by end of year It hasn't cost TfL a penny thanks to a partnership with Norfolk-based engineering firm Equipmake has ensured as few of the parts as possible for the conversion are imported. One of the only parts that is are the batteries which are the same ones used in a Nissan leaf car, but for 400kWh. The conversion hasn't cost TfL a penny as they loaned the bus to Equipmake in order for them to trial the proof of concept. Any future conversions are still expected to be cheaper for TfL in the long-run than outright new purchases for direct replacements.

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