Entertainment: train traffic between Hanover and Berlin remains limited

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  TfL Tube latest: London Underground trains flooded as commuters face delays Wet and windy weather has been causing havoc for commuters across the UK this morning as flash flooding closed roads and cancelled public transport. The areas most affected are parts of the South East, where flooding has blocked sections of the M25, A41 and A1 in London and most Underground lines are facing delays or are part suspended.The capital is heavily congested due to many closed roads while drivers have been pictured abandoning their cars on waterlogged roads, having attempted to drive through deep water.

bad news for rail travelers and commuters: After the accident of two freight trains in the Gifhorn district, rail traffic on the busy route between Hannover and Berlin remains limited than planned.

Zwei Reisegäste warten an einem Bahnhof am Gleis. © Arne Dedert/dpa/symbol image Two travel guests are waiting at a train station on the track.

until December 16, passengers will have to adjust to longer travel times and diversions on the route, as Deutsche Bahn announced on Wednesday. Previously, the railway assumed that the route should remain closed at least until November 27th. According to the fire brigade, however, the work at the scene of the accident is progressing: the explosive propangas from the four overturned tank wagons are expected to be pumped out by the weekend.

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In the meantime, half of all wagons have been pumped out of all wagons, and more is not possible because of the inclination of the cars, said a fire brigade spokesman. A wagon is even completely empty, the remaining gas was flared in a controlled manner. The propangas from the other three wagons are now also flared. With the reservation that there are no technical difficulties, the fire brigade will probably release the accident site “towards the weekend” for the rescue work. As long as the gas is still in the wagons, "the fire brigade is involved".

On Thursday last week there was the accident at Leiferde. There was a freight train at a signal. According to the investigators, an employee of Deutsche Bahn incorrectly released the route for another freight train with 25 tank trolleys filled with propangas. The latter collided with the standing train, four wagons tipped over to the side, at least one was damaged so badly that gas flowed out. The train driver was slightly injured, the overhead line was massively damaged. According to the federal police, the railway employee is investigated for dangerous intervention in rail traffic and negligent bodily harm.

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The fire brigade spokesman said that because of the low outside temperature, the wagons would have to be heated so that the propangas could be transferred from the liquid to a gaseous state and can be flared. For this, the wagons would be excavated with warm water. Deutsche Bahn had expressed concerns because the water could soften the ground and make the salvage difficult with large cranes. But as a precaution, fountain shafts were created in order to be able to pump the water, said the spokesman.

According to the railway, the cleanup can only begin and the overturned wagons can be removed when the fire brigade has released the accident site. After that, the damage to the infrastructure would have to be examined more closely, then the repair begins. During the collision, tracks, overhead lines as well as lead and security technology were damaged.

passengers who want to postpone their trips planned for the period between November 18 and December 16, according to Bahn, can use their ticket flexibly in long -distance transport up to and including seven days after the end of the fault. Travelers advised the railway to use transfer connections via Hamburg between Berlin and the northern North Rhine-Westphalia-between Berlin and the south of North Rhine-Westphalia also transfer connections via Frankfurt.

In addition, replacement buses are traveling every hour between Wolfsburg and Hanover. At the same time, Deutsche Bahn is expanding the so -called Weddeler loop between Braunschweig and Wolfsburg in two ways, so the section between Weddel and Fallersleben is expected to be closed until December 10th. According to the train, goals are the half -hourly cycle between Braunschweig and Wolfsburg, more punctual trains and the relief of the Hanover railway node.

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