Entertainment: Black Panther 2-Star clarifies Marvel's penis ban-and raises a much bigger question about

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Marvel allegedly stolen the penis for a Black Panther 2-star. He now reveals the truth. And thus raises more questions than he answers.

Marvel and Disney recently under fire due to Tenoch Huertas penis. More precisely, because of too little penis. Fans had compared pictures from the cinema version and trailers of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on Twitter, which showed significant differences in the actor's underpants. Marvel/Disney had apparently retouched his genital. Now the star clears up.

Black Panther 2 fans have wrongly accused Marvel of the penis theft

amused Huerta explained to the Rolling Stone:

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The right photo is the original. That without [the vanity]. I won't lie. Like every man, I have a fragile masculinity, but not here. The right is the right picture.

When it comes to Huerta, Marvel and Disney were wrongly accused of the penis reduction. And that despite the fact that has genital deletion there before Black Panther 2 tradition . Let us assume that the star does not just want to save his employer the scandal and honestly identifies the right picture as an authentic image of his step in the movie. So has someone enlarged his penis for the trailer at Marvel?

Eindeutig: Namors Unterhose mit Wölbung im Black Panther 2-Teaser (unser Screenshot) © Disney © Disney clearly: Namor's underpants with curvature in the Black Panther 2-teaser (our screenshot) © Disney

Because like everyone can see from the Black Panther 2-teaser, Huerta can be seen there with clear exploitation in the pants. There are only two explanations for the discrepancy for the theatrical version. Either a lustful Scherzbold actually had his hands in the game in trailer production. Or the right picture was the retouching against Huerta's statement, comes from a Twitter troll and the Marvel star is better equipped than he wants to admit. Sometimes there are only a few centimeters between calm and scandal.

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What do you think of Huerta's words?

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