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Entertainment: Tahar Rahim, Mélanie Laurent, George Clooney: Who are the famous friends of Mylène Farmer?

Mylène Farmer back: Camille Lellouche steals her star and drops a bomb!

 Mylène Farmer back: Camille Lellouche steals her star and drops a bomb! The song "Do not judge" by Camille Lellouche is a huge success. Thanks to this, the star climbed first in the top iTunes! © Sebastien Fremont / Starface Mylène Farmer back: Camille Lellouche steals her show and drops a bomb! Bloved mom, accomplished artist, Camille Lellouche has everything to be happy. This Sunday, November 6, 2022, the 36 -year -old humorist was unanimous with music lovers thanks to his title "Do not judge me".

Four years after "disobedience", Mylène Farmer is back at the end of 2022. With "the grip", released on November 25, the singer is already breaking records: 550,000 concert tickets sold and 7 stadiums On 13 on his tour display complete.

If she now keeps her distance from the press and avoids all confidences, Mylène Farmer continues to intrigue by her mystery and her discretion. Where has she moved since her break up with the film producer Benoît Di Sabatino? Who has it beenfriend? His manager, Thierry Suc, confided in the " Parisian ", this November 24, about the new life of Mylène Farmer.

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"She has very few relatives"

according to the confidences of Thierry Suc, the 61 -year -old singer is always well accompanied. In her new Hauts-de-Seine residence, Mylène Farmer has a neighbor who is not unknown to the general public: Jean Dujardin . She would even have "become a friend" with the French actor, as "Le Parisien" reports.

On the artistic side, the singer collaborated with Woodkid, whom she met about a year ago and which she got closer. This French composer worked with big names in American music: Rihanna, John Legend, Drake and Katy Perry. "Their energies had to meet," said Thierry Suc.

Mylène Farmer near George Clooney?

recently, Mylène Farmer would have widened her circle of friends by approaching other big names in the industry. She would have been attending for some time Mélanie Laurent and Tahar Rahim, husband of Leïla Bekhti. The interpreter of "Désenchantée" would have met the two actors while they were all three, part of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, in 2021.

Tahar Rahim: "My children, my wife, my family and my friends I miss when I am abroad"

 Tahar Rahim: © Abd Rabbo Ammar/Abaca Tahar Rahim was chosen to integrate the jury of 19 is Unsurprisingly, the most cosmopolitan actor of his generation was chosen to integrate the jury of the 19th International Film of the Marrakech film. Expected in three major American productions, including a series with Meryl Streep and a Marvel film, Tahar Rahim - Doubly Cesarized, Face of the perfume for a man from Caron and face Louis Vuitton - will light up the Champs -Élysées on 20 november.

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Among her relatives, the singer also has older relationships. For example, actor Vincent Lindon. The duo has never left since their years spent together in the Florent in the 80s.

and a few months ago, Mylène Farmer had confided that she had been friendly with a Hollywood actor that we no longer present : George Clooney . "I met him at a dinner. The evening was simple, pleasant. We laughed well, "said the singer in the columns of" Gala ", last March. It remains to be seen whether this friendship went further than this dinner in the French capital in 2002.

ABACA_40374_06 © provided by Elle ABACA_40374_06

Mylène Farmer and George Clooney, Paris, 2002 © Abaca

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