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Entertainment: Billy prepares to shop Summer to the police for baby crime in Corrie

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The times are changing for Summer (Pictures: ITV) © Provided by Metro The times are changing for Summer (Pictures: ITV)

Summer (Harriet Bibby)’s recent miscarriage on Coronation Street gave her a huge moral dilemma. She knew she ought to come clean to Mike (Tom Lorcan) and Esther (Vanessa Hehir) – the couple who were planning to adopt the baby – and tell them that everything had changed.

But she was desperate to help Aaron (James Craven), who was at his wit’s end knowing that his father, Eric (Craig Cheetham), was heading for prison or an early grave if he didn’t get help for his alcoholism.

With Aaron’s reluctant agreement, Summer decided to keep quiet about the miscarriage and use the next payment from Mike and Esther to pay for Eric to go back to rehab.

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Of course this was never going to be a plan that could be sustained in the long term, and a crunch point comes soon when Summer is due to have a scan and Esther and Mike want to go with her. They initially agree to wait outside, but Mike suddenly appears and says he really feels he needs to be there to see his baby. Summer and Aaron brace themselves to tell Mike the truth.

This leaves Summer with the problem of paying back the £10,000 that she’s already received from the couple and at first she tries to ask Billy (Daniel Brocklebank), Todd (Gareth Pierce) and Paul (Peter Ash) for the money, saying she wants to go travelling.

They’re not convinced, but then Summer gets a lifeline when Esther and Mike get back in touch and say they’d be willing to forget the £10,000 and give her even more money if she’ll agree to be a surrogate for them.

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Billy is dead against this plan when he hears about it, worried for Summer’s health and uncomfortable about the idea from a moral viewpoint. He tries to tell Mike and Esther that the plan is a non-starter, but Mike points out it’s not his decision to make – it’s Summer’s.

Billy decides to take the only route open to him, and says he’s going to the police. While surrogacy is legal in the UK, there are some legal considerations including it being an offence to make a surrogacy arrangement for financial profit – and presumably Billy sees Mike’s offer to Summer as being exactly that.

Will he go through with his threat? And where will that leave Summer?

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