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Entertainment: because of Helene Fischer: Vanessa Mai Rastet completely from

instead of the Helene Fischer Show: ZDF shows "Dalli Dalli" with Johannes B. Kerner

 instead of the Helene Fischer Show: ZDF shows for many years on the first Christmas holiday, the evening program on the first Christmas holiday on ZDF was clear long in advance. From 2013 to 2019, Helene Fischer enchanted the TV audience with various vocal and show performances in the show named after her. And of course with numerous guests from the entertainment industry.

Vanessa Mai und Helene Fischer © Imago / Kirchner-Media & Imago / Osnapix Vanessa Mai and Helene Fischer because of Helene Fischer: Vanessa Mai Restet completely from

pop singer Vanessa Mai Has a new TV show. In the first edition she got an unpleasant surprise.

Stuttgart - Vanessa Mai (30) is a real all -rounder. The hit singer not only convinces with a huge voice, but also has a lot on the box when it comes to performance and styling. The “Wolke 7” interpreter has also recently proven to be a TV presenter. In her own game show "Not Mai Show", Vanessa, together with a prominent guest, faces several bizarre challenges, which are given to the two candidates by an artificial intelligence. In the first edition, they expected some surprises.

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  Emmerdale spoilers: Sad exit, murder revelation and major couple splits Emmerdale spoilers: Sad exit, murder revelation and major couple splitsBut the farewell is not without its drama, as she ends up in a row with best friend Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry).

Vanessa Mais guest for the premiere of the SWR format "Not Mai Show" was pop singer Tim Bendzko (37). Mai and Benzko actually had a lot of fun with tasks such as the "Gurgel Challenge" or "Dance (d) a song", even if they mastered the challenges more and less well. At the end of the program, the two should sing together, whereby they were able to significantly influence the circumstances of the final performance in the respective games. Vanessa explained through the game concept during the show: “I have no plan what will happen. The only thing I know is that we will make a common appearance. ”

Vanessa Mai is annoyed by the creators of the show

The“ Tiktok-Hit Quiz ”segment was running for Vanessa Mai and Tim Bendzko unfortunately not good at all. When the two failed at the Challenge, the game line in the form of a AI voice said that a system error suddenly had. "Please answer the security question: What's the name of Germany's most successful pop singer?", The makers of "Not Mai Show" wanted to know from the two stars to get the technology going again. Bendzko's lightning response "Vanessa Mai!" Was declared wrong.

then quite grumpy vanessa Mai then gave the "right" answer to the log: "Helene Fischer." The artificial intelligence was unpopular with her. "I hate you a little now, but it's no problem that you called me that again nicely," said the hit star annoyed. The comparison with Helene Fischer (38) will probably stay with Vanessa Mai for a long time!

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