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Entertainment: Emmerdale's Cathy Hope set for tragedy as ITV boss teases show history

Emmerdale star Karene Peter on Naomi's fears in trial storyline

  Emmerdale star Karene Peter on Naomi's fears in trial storyline She appears in court over Nicola's attack.Emmerdale star Karene Peter has spoken about the tense trial scenes ahead as her character Naomi Walters stands accused of a crime she didn't commit.

During Thursday night's instalment of Emmerdale, Cathy Hope (played by Gabrielle Dowling) broke down in tears and stormed out after she auditioned to be in the village choir. As the villagers gathered around, Cathy took to the stage to sing, Merry Christmas Everyone. However, rather than cheering her pal on, April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan) seemed to taunt the teenager during her performance.

Before Cathy could finish the song, she stormed out of the cafe in tears.

Her dad Bob (Antony Audenshaw ) was quick to run after her to ask what was wrong.

"Cathy," Bob shouted after his daughter. "What's up love, you were great."

Emmerdale's Moira to flee from village after Kyle discovery

  Emmerdale's Moira to flee from village after Kyle discovery Will she be back?

"I wasn't," the teenager sobbed as Bob replied: "Yeh it was everyone was enjoying it."

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Emmerdale © ITV Emmerdale Emmerdale © ITV Emmerdale

"It was rubbish they were trying not to laugh," Cathy fired back.

"It was disgusting you just really don't get it at all."

Cathy's outburst sparked concern from Bob, and in upcoming scenes, things will get worse for the youngster.

Speaking exclusively to and other press, Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson discussed Cathy's major storyline.

Emmerdale © ITV Emmerdale Emmerdale © ITV Emmerdale

"You get to an age with the young cast where you suddenly realise they're growing up," Jane began.

"They've been off-screen for a few weeks and they appear and they're a foot taller, they're voices are deeper and you go, 'Oh my god, we need to start growing them up in the show'.

Emmerdale airs hope for Naomi as Saskia slips up in court

  Emmerdale airs hope for Naomi as Saskia slips up in court Saskia snapped, showing her true character.Tensions have been rising in Emmerdale, with Naomi and Saskia's court trial turning the former friends into enemies.

"Cathy, we kept her at 15 for about three years and she eventually went, 'You do know my character is 18 now'.

"And I said, 'Oh gosh, yeh, we need to grow you up'. So, you'll see a really big storyline for Cathy, Bob's daughter.


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"It is really emotional and it's her first big story really and it's a challenging one."

"I think a lot of the parents will connect with it," she added.

"And it's one I've never seen a soap do before, so Cathy has got a big one coming up."

Over the past month, April confided in Cathy about her feelings for Arthur (Alfie Clarke).

Cathy told April if she was too scared to talk to Arthur, then she would put in a good word for her.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Cathy got herself involved.

And things came crashing down for April when she was rejected by Arthur.

But, will April seek revenge on her so-called pal and will she feature in Cathy's storyline?

Emmerdale returns tonight at 7pm on ITV.

Emmerdale boss promises big story for Cathy and more focus on younger characters .
"It's her first big story."Emmerdale’s executive producer Jane Hudson has promised that there is a big story coming for Cathy Hope, as well as an increased focus on the show’s younger characters.

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