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Entertainment: Harry and Meghan's Netflix series: Everything they said about Princess Kate

Meghan and Harry: Why do Sussex staff keep leaving?

  Meghan and Harry: Why do Sussex staff keep leaving? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's "revolving door" of staff has swung once again as two more staffers step down, bringing the total up to at least 14 leaving their posts since 2018.Her announcement came off the back of the departure of Ms Dayani, who ran Archewell for less than 18 months and will not be replaced, reportedly leaving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to take "full lead" of their company.

Royal fans eagerly tuned in to watch the first three episodes from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's tell-all Netflix docuseries on Thursday.


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Harry & Meghan episode three: Biggest bombshells

There was plenty for viewers to take away and dissect – including the couple's comments on individual members of the royal family.

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Meghan spoke about her first meeting with Kate

We take a look at everything Meghan has said on the Netflix show about Princess Kate so far…

Harry and Meghan: Furious ex-Palace staff slam Netflix for using footage of Katie Price

  Harry and Meghan: Furious ex-Palace staff slam Netflix for using footage of Katie Price The trailers included several clips that were meant to show the Sussexes being hassled by photographers but actually depicted different events entirely.In teasers for the series, Prince Harry, 38, claims he and Meghan had suffered from leaks and planted stories that backed up the Royal Family 'hierarchy', as a tearful duchess says: 'I realised they're never going to protect you.

In episode two, Meghan spoke about her very first meeting with Kate – then the Duchess of Cambridge. And she seemed to suggest some initial awkwardness. "I met her [Kate] for the first time, I think we went for dinner, I remember I was in ripped jeans and barefoot," Meghan recalled.

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The ladies pictured laughing together during the Fab Four's first public appearance

"I was a hugger, I've always been a hugger, I didn't realise that that was jarring for a lot of Brits."

As footage of William and Kate aired, she added: "I started to understand that the formality on the outside carried through on the inside, that there is a forward facing way of being, and then you close the door, [sighs], I can relax now. But that formality carries over on both sides and that was surprising to me."

SARAH VINE: The Palace needs to start taking the Harry and Meghan problem very seriously indeed…

  SARAH VINE: The Palace needs to start taking the Harry and Meghan problem very seriously indeed… SARAH VINE: Dark clouds, airplane. Slow-mo piano music, poignant departure sign. Emotional piano music. 'Exploitation and bribery within our media'; 'My duty to uncover'.It’s easy to see how the public – and especially the American public – will be seduced by this. The first episode of H&M’s (as they like to refer to each other) six-part Netflix documentary plays like a Richard Curtis rom-com, Meghan cast as the sassy American career girl charmed by our quaint British ways, Harry the archetypal stuttering Englishman.

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Images of Princess Kate were interspersed throughout the opening episodes – including one showing her being pursued by paparazzi prior to her engagement to Prince William.

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Harry seemed to allude to struggles that Kate has faced

Harry also seemed to allude to the struggles Kate has faced as he addressed what women marrying into the royal family have endured.

As footage of Princess Kate appeared on screen, alongside a headline reading: "Princess in crisis", Prince Harry said: "The pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution, this feeding frenzy. I was terrified, I didn't want history to repeat itself.

"I remember thinking, 'How can I ever find someone who is willing and capable to be able to withstand all the baggage that comes with being with me?'

Did the Royal Family let Meghan and Harry down? YOU VOTED

  Did the Royal Family let Meghan and Harry down? YOU VOTED The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke about their treatment by the Royal family and British press in their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.The first three episodes of the six-part series were released on Thursday, December 8, with viewers taken to the start of Harry and Meghan's love story and journey together in the Royal Family.

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The Prince shared his fears of losing Meghan

"Every relationship I had, within weeks or months, was splattered all over the newspapers and that person's family harassed and their life turned upside down.

"So when I got to meet M, I was terrified of her being driven away by the media, the same media that had driven so many other people away from me."

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Prince Harry's Nottingham Cottage claim debunked after inconsistency highlighted .
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recalled the time they spent in their first home together during the fourth episode of their Netflix series.Together, with Meghan, he added: "We were living on Palace grounds.

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