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Money: Hot Stocks Today: Fraport, Infineon and Knaus Tabbert

10 Important Facts on Thursday Trade On Stock Exchange

 10 Important Facts on Thursday Trade On Stock Exchange These 10 facts are likely to ensure movement in the markets. © Provided by Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images Keep an eye on the complete current trading day here. 1. DAX Preserved Friendloch The DAX tends about one hour before trading opening to green terrain. 2. Exchanges in Far East Leaky The Japanese Style Index Nikkei presents 0.39 percent weaker at 0.39 percent at 27.916.80 points. in the Chinese mainland, the Shanghai Composite meanwhile recorded 0.10 percent deeper at 3,263

Handset stocks Fraport and Infineon. Knaus Tabbert has full order books.

in the Hot Bets Podcast around hot bets We inform you about current trading opportunities with hot stocks and other securities. In the podcast, we talk about two hearing stocks today and rate the mobile manufacturers Knaus Tabbert. For more details, stop!

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Disclaimer: The information contained is not a call for the purchase of the shares and securities concerned. The discussed shares / values ​​are very volatile investment opportunities at high risk.

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