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Money: anxiety on Twitter at the idea of ​​a repurchase of the platform by ELON MUSK

Elon Musk is the richest person in the world. Again.

  Elon Musk is the richest person in the world. Again. The SpaceX and Tesla boss has blown past rival Jeff Bezos when it comes to net worth.Again.

Elon Musk sur la scène de la conférence TED2022 à Vancouver (Canada) le 14 avril 2022 © Ryan Lash ELON MUSK on the stage of the Conference TED2022 in Vancouver (Canada) on April 14, 2022

The surprise offer of ELON Redcheter Twitter has aroused a wave of anxiety on the platform, many users and observers who are involved in their concern that the ultra-liberal entrepreneur does not take control of the blue bird.

"'If ELON MUSK recovers Twitter, I leave the network' has become the new 'if Trump wins, I leave in Canada', has summarized Carol Roth, entrepreneur and author of a test on SMEs.

Tesla's pattern and richest man in the world wants to acquire Twitter to make, according to him, a bastion of freedom of expression.

ELON MUSK renounces integrating Twitter

 ELON MUSK renounces integrating Twitter © Jim Watson / AFP ELON MUSK on February 10, 2022, near Boca Chica in Texas. The billionaire ELON MUSK has become the majority shareholder of Twitter, acquiring Monday, April 4, 2022, 9.2% in the capital of the social network. He announced, on Monday, April 11, that he would finally integrate his board of directors.

It believes that the moderation of content goes too far, and that we should ask fewer limits to users, in the name of democracy.

"Twitter has become, in fact, the public place. So it's really important that people have the impression and the ability to be able to speak freely within the limits of the law," Elon Musk argued at a conference Thursday .

It did not vote on the emblematic case of the former US President, Donald Trump, banned of the largest public platforms in January 2021 for encouraged his supporters to violence, after several warnings, messages withdrawn and invasion Capitol who has made several deaths.

"I think we should just be very reluctant before deleting things and very cautious with permanent prohibitions. They should rather be temporary," has developed the businessman.

Elon Musk does not want to move into the Supervisory Board of Twitter

 Elon Musk does not want to move into the Supervisory Board of Twitter Tesla founder Elon Musk will not move into the Supervisory Board of Twitter. "Elon Musk has not decided not to join our Supervisory Board," Twitter boss Parag Agrawal announced on Monday. Musk should therefore take on the post on Saturday, but he decided on Saturday morning. "Elon is our biggest shareholder and we will remain open to its stake," said Agrawal.

- "Caprices of billionaires" -

This approach enchants the American conservative right and beyond. Elon Musk's interest in Twitter is "the best news for freedom of expression for years", has been excited Nigel Farage, one of the British leaders of the Brexit campaign.

But for many human rights defenders and democratic elected, Twitter, like Facebook or YouTube, should on the contrary better judge misinformation, conspiracy theories, intolerance and hatred.

Video: When Elon Musk gave his opinion on the reforms to lead in France (Dailymotion)

"ELON MUSK himself used Twitter and other platforms to attack and silence other people. He has spread From misinformation on COVID-19 and vaccines. It used Twitter to manipulate markets and increase its already considerable fortune, "reacted Jessica Gonzalez, co-director of the NGO Free Press, in a statement.

"Users of social networks should not be subjected to cavrics of grandiloquent billionaires who are detached from reality," she added.

Elon Musk refuses to take up his seat on Twitter's board fuelling speculation he is planning a hostile takeover of the social media giant

  Elon Musk refuses to take up his seat on Twitter's board fuelling speculation he is planning a hostile takeover of the social media giant Musk, 50, (pictured) who became Twitter's biggest shareholder last week with a 9.2% stake, was expected to take his seat as a director on Saturday. But after a weekend of tweeting criticism of the company, it emerged the Tesla tycoon has turned the job down. © Provided by This Is Money Eyes on the prize: Elon Musk, who spent the weekend criticising Twitter, has declined to take a place on the board Announcing the U-turn on Twitter, the firm's chief executive Parag Agrawal said: 'I believe this is for the best.

This will of less moderating exchanges already little civilians also worries employees of the Californian group, according to several press articles.

Especially that Tesla is not known only for its success and profits: the Fremont plant, in Silicon Valley, is the subject of complaints for cases of harassment and for systemic racial discrimination.

- "Privatize the public square" -

"millions of people, including journalists, artists and activists depend on this platform to do their job," said Evan Greer, Director of the NGO Fight for the Future, which defends digital rights, including freedom of expression.

"The fact that we are worried about someone like Elon Musk the buyer shows that we have a fundamental problem: too few companies with too much power".

The financial transaction poses questions around the power accumulated by the big companies of the Tech.

Many US elected officials have been calling for years to better regulate platforms, especially to ensure more competition, without agreeing on solutions.

"One person who owns the whole box, it's perfect for" to release the centralized state and capitalist control ", has ironed the Parker Molloy media specialist.

"This is the opposite it would take. Twitter should be decentralized," Fred Wilson intervened, an investor.

ELON MUSK wants to make the platform a private company, which would no longer be listed on the stock market, and thus escape even more to any outside control.

The contradiction between its intentions displayed and its method did not escape some experts.

"I'm going to buy the public square and privatize it to save it! Try to say that aloud. It's absurd," Renee Dresta, researcher at Stanford Internet Observatory.


Twitter wants to take back the buyout of its actions by the billionaire ELON MUSK .
© AP - Richard Drew Twitter has announced measures to prevent ELON MUSK from acquiring its actions. The clause of the "poisoned pill" will be operated if Musk persists, announces Twitter. Here, the social network logo at the New York Stock Exchange. The Hostile OPA launched by the American Musk Musk Musk on Twitter succeed? The question has been on all lips since the Tesla's boss decided to take control of the US social network to the 450 million users.

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