Money: beer sales under pre-corona level: "The German brewing industry continues to work in crisis mode"

Sales of petrol and diesel cars collapse in Europe

 Sales of petrol and diesel cars collapse in Europe © Oliver Tamagnini Sales of petrol and diesel cars collapse in Europe sales of new petrol or diesel motorization cars collapsed in the second quarter in Europe , while hybrids and electrics continued their conquest of the market. The sales of diesel and petrol cars were particularly affected by the paralysis of the European market in the second quarter, while the hybrids and the has slowed down their conquest of the market. Sales of petrol cars fell 22.2 % over one year, to 909,000 vehicles, an

Die Deutschen trinken wieder mehr Bier Foto: dpa © provided by Wirtschaftswoche The Germans drink more beer photo: dpadata portal copyright =

in Germany is drunk again. Beer sales have grew by 3.8 percent in recent months - but that is still less than before pandemic.

The German brewing industry still did not reach its sales level reached before the start of the Corona crisis. From January to June, beer sales grew by 3.8 percent to around 4.3 billion liters at the same period last year, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Monday. Nevertheless, the paragraph remained well below the level before the start of Corona pandemic: 253.8 million liters of beer or 5.5 percent less than before the crisis in the first half of 2019 were sold.

Louis Vuitton: When Virgil Abloh makes fashion from a color bucket.

 Louis Vuitton: When Virgil Abloh makes fashion from a color bucket. So you have never seen a Louis Vuitton bag © provided by GQ in the 1960s Andy Warhol made the simple soup box to become an art object, now the color bucket of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. The parallel may be a coincidence, but the pop art artist was one of the great inspiration of the deceased designer. Similar to Warhol, which made art a mass object and mass objects become art, Virgil Abloh believed in the three percent rule.

"The German brewing industry continues to work in crisis mode," commented the managing director of the German Brauer Association, Holger Eichele. "The location is very tense." The Corona pandemic has triggered an unprecedented sales crisis, the consequences of which many breweries have far from overcome.

add new problems. "After the sales crisis, our breweries are now fighting against an energy crisis, the dimensions of which can only be guessed at," said Eichele. At the moment it was impossible to replace gas as the most important energy source, it was said with regard to the uncertain supply of Russia. "After the chemical industry, the food industry is the industry with the second highest gas consumption," said Eichele. The entire industry is afraid of a blackout. "The shelves remain empty without gas," said Eichele. The massive increasing costs as a result of the war against Ukraine are likely to leave deep traces in the brewing industry. "More and more medium -sized companies are getting on their knees, supply chains are facing collapse," said the managing director.

New Corona concept for autumn is scheduled to come soon

 New Corona concept for autumn is scheduled to come soon Berlin. According to Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, there will soon be protection regulations for Corona autumn. The end of the isolation obligation will never come. © Kay Nietfeld Karl Lauterbach (R, SPD), Federal Minister of Health, and Marco Buschmann (FDP), Federal Minister of Justice, are currently negotiating new Corona rules. Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach has an early communication in the coalition on a concept for Corona protection regulations for autumn.

82.5 percent of the total beer sales were intended for domestic consumption in the first half of the year and were taxed. The remaining 17.5 percent were sold as exports and as a so -called house drink. In the first half of the beer mixes - beer mixed with lemonade, cola, fruit juices and other non -alcoholic additives - there was a decrease from 3.3 percent to 231.0 million liters in the first half of the year.

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Don't call Octopus Energy after 4pm on a Friday... because that's when staff crack open the booze .
Octopus Energy, the UK's fourth-largest provider, is shutting its main call centre at 4pm on Fridays - an hour earlier than on Monday to Thursday - so staff can enjoy prosecco and Corona beer.Households are facing the worst energy crisis in living memory, with suppliers and charities inundated with pleas for help from families unable to afford bills predicted to soar beyond £5,000 a year.

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