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Money: Rhein-Schiffahrt: level at Kaub unchanged at 34

Patrick Esume: "We found strong partners!" - Munich gets its own eleven team

 Patrick Esume: Munich- Europe's football league continues to grow. Last year the "European League of Football" (Elf) started the season with eight teams, this year with twelve. 16 teams are scheduled to start in the coming season. New with: Munich. © provided by Tag24 Berlin Thunder (red) against Panthers Wroclaw: In the eleven, 16 teams from eight countries in Europe will play against each other from the coming season. Munich is the eighth team in the young European league - and the only team from Bavaria.

The level stand for shipping on the Rhine in Kaub between Mainz and Koblenz remains at a low level. According to the federal (WSV) waterway and shipping management, it was 34 centimeters (as of 5 a.m.) on Thursday morning and thus unchanged at the same time of the previous day. However, this stand does not indicate the actual water depth.

Der Pegelturm am Mittelrhein bei Kaub. © Thomas Frey/dpa/Archive image The Pegelturm on the Middle Rhine near Kaub.

for Rhine shipping is an important interface in Rhineland-Palatinate. The water levels there are of particular importance, since the river is very flat at this point. Due to the low water that has been ongoing for weeks, inland shipping must observe the depth of the ship when loaded and can transport less freight.

Frankfurter Verkehrswärben On-Demand offer .
In view of increasing user numbers, the Frankfurter Verkehrsgesellschaft Traffiq want to expand its on-demand traffic offer "Knut". This concerns both the area used with the electric minibuses and the operating hours, as the company announced on Tuesday in Frankfurt. The implementation is still planned for this autumn, explained the Frankfurt Mobility Director Stefan Majer. © Boris Roessler/dpa The lights of the Skyline of Frankfurt are reflected in the Main.

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