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Money: Warnstreik is supposed to move Vestas to tariff discussions

Faring prices for buses and trains rise again

 Faring prices for buses and trains rise again after the 9-euro campaign in buses and trains, passengers not only have to pay for normal tariffs from September-sometimes price increases are also due. This was the result of a survey by the German Press Agency under major transport associations. Sometimes significant increases in tariffs have already been decided, elsewhere the corresponding committees are still pending. For example, in and around Stuttgart, the tariffs rise by an average of 4.9 percent at the turn of the year, and it will be

With a three -hour warning strike, IG Metall has increased the pressure on the German subsidiary of the Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas in negotiations on a collective agreement. All 1,700 employees were called nationwide to settle the work on Monday between 7.45 a.m. and 10.45 a.m.

Die Mitarbeitenden von Vestas kümmern sich in schwindelerregender Höhe um die Instandhaltung von Windkraftanlagen. Hierfür fordern sie einen entsprechenden Tarifvertrag. © Patrick Pleul/DPA central picture/dpa The employees of Vestas take care of the maintenance of wind turbines at a dizzying height. For this, you are calling for a corresponding collective agreement.

"We want them to arrive in normalcy," said the negotiator of the union, the Rendsburg IG Metall Managing Director Martin Bitter, the German Press Agency. So far, Vestas has refused to accept IG Metall as a negotiating partner for a collective agreement. Instead, the company prefers to talk to the works council about the working conditions and the amount of the fees. "We cannot accept this blockage," said Bitter. So far, the company has not responded to the conflict to DPA requests.

London serial killer named 'Devil's Disciple' could be released from prison before Christmas

  London serial killer named 'Devil's Disciple' could be released from prison before Christmas Relatives of Patrick Mackay's victims say he should remain in jail after it was revealed his parole hearing would take place in November . Patrick Mackay has spent 47 years in prison and is currently the UK's longest serving prisoner. The 69-year-old went on a killing rampage in the 1970s and boasted he was the 'Devil’s Disciple' after killing 13 people. After hearing that Mackay was up for parole in November, panic-stricken relatives of his victims, yesterday, (August 19), called for the move to be blocked. They say the convicted triple killer must die behind bars.

High participation in Warnstreik

According to the union, several hundred employees have participated in the strikes in wind farms, in camps and on construction sites. "We are very satisfied with the participation," said Bitter. "We will not accept the categorical no to accept negotiations by the employer."

Germany's largest union had entered discussions with Vestas Deutschland GmbH (Hamburg) in mid -May. Finally, they spoke to each other in early July, this meeting was very short. According to IG Metall, the conflict concerns a total of around 1,700 employees, including 700 fitters who are busy with service and maintenance of wind turbines throughout Germany.

Bitter had expressed the “clear expectation of the employees” to work on the collective bargaining conditions before the start of the talks in May. "The wind industry will take a key role in converting our electricity and energy supply in the coming years," said the trade unionist. "In our view, it is all the more important that we take serious steps in order to also increase tariff binding in the industry."

The IG Metall has long complained that many suppliers of the wind industry, for example mechanical engineers, are traditionally subject to the area collective agreement of the metal and electrical industry. So far, however, the wind industry has refused to bind the collective bargaining in manufacturers and in the service area.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant lets slip a huge show secret .
Jeremy Clarkson couldn't contain his laughter as a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant let slip a huge secret during Saturday nights show. The ITV competition leaves viewers to believe that when a contestant is half way through their way to winning £1million and the episode ends, the contestant goes home and comes back the following week to resume filming. However, on Saturday contestant Maria revealed that the next episode is filmed straight after, leaving host Jeremy to burst out laughing.

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