Money: Dax again with losses - less than 12,000 points

DAX stabilizes according to the wave of sales

 DAX stabilizes according to the wave of sales After the loss -making previous week, the most important indices at the German stock market on Monday were able to stabilize in early trade. After a weaker start, the DAX contaminated its losses and fluctuated around the Friday closure. Most recently, the German leading index was noticed by minus 0.02 percent at 12,281.91 points. © Fredrik von Erichsen/dpa The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany. According to experts, was mainly on the market at the start of the week.

After the weak September, the DAX started the new month on Monday with significant losses. In addition to the recent weakness of the US exchanges, a further deterioration in the shopping manager indices from the euro zone industry also pressed the mood-in Germany they also remained somewhat behind the expectations of the economists.

Der Dax ist der wichtigste Aktienindex in Deutschland. © Fredrik von Erichsen/dpa The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany.

over an hour after the start of the trade, the German leading index fell by 1.31 percent to 11,955.89 points. He was again noted under the recently competitive mark of 12,000 points - in the middle of last week he had even slipped to the lowest level since November 2020. The MDAX of medium-sized companies gave up 1.52 percent to 22,030.20 points on Monday morning and the Eurozone-Leindex EUROSTOXX 50 lost 1.38 percent to 3272.48 points.

after up and down on Frankfurt's stock exchange: Dax closes more easily

 after up and down on Frankfurt's stock exchange: Dax closes more easily On Monday, investors were nervous on the Frankfurt stock exchange parquet. © provided by yasuyoshi chiba/afp/getty images of the DAX , the Frankfurt session opened 0.43 percent lower at 12,231.84 points. After several changes between the profit and loss zone, the stock market barometer was listed at 0.46 percent lower at 12,227.92 points. Europe's stock markets were fluctuated between winning and losses at the start of the week.

In the afternoon, the shopping manager indices from the US industry are still on the agenda. They too should give conclusions about the industry constitution in times of very high inflation and rapid rising interest rates. In this context, the markets are more and more praising the risk of recession.

company was the focus of RWE with a billion -dollar takeover and United Internet with a raised profit forecast.

RWE titles were with an increase of 1.2 percent DAX leader. At the weekend, it became known that the energy group swallows the Con edison Clean Energy business company, a "operator and developer of solar systems in the US market". The $ 6.8 billion is financed with a construct that makes the Katar state fund the greatest shareholder. Analyst Ahmed Farman from Jefferie's Research spoke of a reasonable assessment and a strategically positive train with which RWE plays a leading role in the field of renewable energies in the USA.

DAX falls below 12,000 points

 DAX falls below 12,000 points The DAX remains in the downward whirlpool due to inflation, interest and economy worries. For the first time since November 2020, he sagged the 12,000 points mark on Wednesday. It was only at 11,914 points that he was able to catch something for the time being. At the end of the first trading lesson, the minus for the leading index was 1.44 percent to 11,964.95 points. The MDAX fell by 1.97 percent to 21,902.77 points, the Eurozone-Leindex EUROSTOXX 50 lost 1.3 percent.

The Internet Group United Internet and its mobile radio daughter 1 & 1 were clearly better than the market with loss losses of 0.8 or 0.2 percent. The new operational profit forecast (EBITDA) from United Internet does not go back to more optimistic sales expectations. Rather, the stalling network structure at 1 & 1 leads to fewer investment expenses, as the company announced.

, a slightly raised profit forecast with harshing investment cuts, however, read like an implicit profit warning, commented on a dealer. Both papers have already had a steep descent after which they had only laboriously stabilized on Friday: Both United Internet and 1 & 1 had marked their lowest price stands on Thursday since 2013.

otherwise studies ensured course. The shareholders of the wholesale group Metro sagged more than eleven percent as the bottom of the SDAX cardiest value index, after the Baader Bank had graduated and now recommended for sale with “Reduce”. At Lufthansa, investors had to cope with a minus of almost four and a half percent after grading from Bank HSBC.

Royal Mail could axe 10,000 full-time staff next year as losses tumble to £350million .
Up to 10,000 Royal Mail jobs are under threat, parent group International Distribution Services has admitted this morning.The postal company said it will begin notifying workers of its proposals, which aims to reduce its overall headcount by a total of 10,000.

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