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Money: Deutsche Bahn: Faring prices rise by 5 percent after a change of timetable

Restrictions after freight accident until mid -December

 Restrictions after freight accident until mid -December bad news for rail travelers and commuters: After the accident of two freight trains in the Gifhorn district, rail traffic on the busy route between Hanover and Berlin remains limited than planned. © Michael Matthey/dpa/Archive picture A fleece railcar from the freight train that has been driven is damaged on rails and railway embankment. until December 16, passengers will have to adjust to longer travel times and diversions on the route, as Deutsche Bahn announced on Wednesday.

new routes, new trains, denser clocks: Deutsche Bahn promises improvements for passengers this weekend. However, the trips become more expensive.

  Deutsche Bahn: Fahrpreise steigen um 5 Prozent nach Fahrplanwechsel © Boris Roessler/ dpa

With the change of timetable this weekend, passengers in long -distance transport should improve. The Deutsche Bahn promises faster connections, denser clocking on some routes and new express trains. The new ICE 3 NEO has been in use between North Rhine-Westphalia and Frankfurt for a few days. The new line in Wendlingen-Ulm in Baden-Württemberg is also going into operation. However, nothing should change in the currently great unpunctuality. Railway driving will also become more expensive to change timetable on December 11th.

Timetable Change: 160 Additional S-Bahn trips per day

 Timetable Change: 160 Additional S-Bahn trips per day New timetable for the Munich S-Bahn: From December 11, the railways should also make 160 trips per day. For the first time, the majority of the lines are to drive up to the end stations every 20 minutes, as Deutsche Bahn announced on Friday. This applies during the week from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. According to the Deutsche Bahn, it is not possible to approach isolated sections in the outdoor areas of three lines with the new timetable.

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"The most important change is certainly the new Wendlingen-Ulm line," said Karl-Peter Naumann (72), honorary chairman of the Pro Bahn passenger association. "But there is also more traffic acceleration." The 60 -kilometer route of the railway will bring 15 minutes of shortening the travel between Stuttgart and Munich. According to the train, there is an improved daily offer between Stuttgart and Munich by around 20 on 90 trips.

should also benefit in regional traffic, including between Tübingen, Reutlingen and Ulm. Here the travel time is shortened by up to 40 minutes over the new line. In the future, regional transport trains with 200 speeds on the rails - and over the new Filstal Bridge will also take place between Ulm and Wendlingen.

State Group: Deutsche Bahn builds the board of DB Netz at

 State Group: Deutsche Bahn builds the board of DB Netz at © provided by Wirtschaftswoche A local train runs via the newly built railway line to Schwerin Central Station. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = upheaval at the DB Netz: The infrastructure board of Deutsche Bahn, Berthold Huber, is rebuilding the board. Who comes and what is behind it. The new infrastructure board of Deutsche Bahn, Berthold Huber, is rebuilding the board of the daughter DB Netz at the beginning of the year.

prices increase by 5 percent in long -distance traffic

train travels in long -distance transport will also be more expensive from this weekend. At an average of 5 percent , the train then raises the prices in long -distance transport. The so -called flex tickets then cost almost 7 percent more. The prices for the three BahnCard subscriptions, with which passengers get 25, 50 or 100 percent discount per trip, therefore increase by 4.9 percent.

, however, remain unchanged according to the railway, the savings and super savings prices, of which a certain quota is always available per trip from EUR 21.90 and 17.90 euros. The reservation costs for seats remained the same, the railway continued.

73 ICE 3 NEO are ordered

The group also enlarges its seating in long -distance transport. The ICE 3 NEO between NRW and Frankfurt has been in use for a few days - a new train based on the well -known ICE 3. The new vehicles should in future be traveling from Dortmund via Cologne towards Main. In the course of next year they will also be used between Dortmund and Munich. The train has ordered 73 trains from the manufacturer Siemens Mobility, all of which are to be delivered by 2029.

from Frankfurt to Cologne: ICE 3 NEO Started

 from Frankfurt to Cologne: ICE 3 NEO Started The Deutsche Bahn has sent its latest ICE fast train onto the route. On Monday, the first ICE 3 NEO started for the first time with paying passengers on board from Frankfurt to Cologne. On the outside, the train, built by Siemens, is strongly similar to the ICE 3. © Boris Roessler/dpa , which has been well known since 2000, the new variant of the quick train is ready to depart in the main train station in Frankfurt.

"Otherwise it is a lot of small stuff," said Pro-Bahn honorary chairman Naumann with a view to further changes to the timetable change. Tourist destinations should be better connected. The remote connection Hamburg-Köln gets additional trips, as well as the connections from Berlin to Prague and from Stuttgart to Zurich.

night train Prague - Berlin - Zurich

changes, according to the railway, also exists in the night supply of the Austrian Bundesbahn (ÖBB). In the coming year, a new night line Prague and Zurich will connect via Berlin, Leipzig and Erfurt, the train announced a few weeks ago. "The existing night train Zürich-Hamburg changes its route from the timetable change in the north and then also binds Bruchsal, Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Hanau, Verden and Nienburg to international night train traffic," it said at the time.

The currently great unpunctuality of the trains is likely to change all of these measures, said Naumann. "The infrastructure just does not exist." Numerous construction sites braked long -distance traffic this year. In some months almost every second ICE and IC was late.

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