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Money: Pension reform: François Bayrou wants to “enlighten” opinion

Tories no longer seen as the party of Brexit, low tax or free speech in devastating polls

  Tories no longer seen as the party of Brexit, low tax or free speech in devastating polls Rishi Sunak has been Prime Minister for 38 days but two exclusive polls for reveal that his party is no longer trusted in key areas by the voters.The loss of trust in the Conservatives comes after the party twice ditched Prime Ministers since the summer with Boris Johnson removed over Partygate and then Liz Truss surviving just 48 days after her mini-budget caused a collapse in the value of the pound and share prices.

  Réforme des retraites : François Bayrou veut « éclairer » l’opinion © LP/Olivier Ariandel/Maxpppp/Photopqr/Le Parisien/Maxppp

L E Haut-Commissariat au Plan, piloted by the boss of the Modem François Bayrou , made public Thursday, December 8, a note on pensions on Thursday 8 December offering several levers, including a postponement of the departure age and an extension of the contribution duration. Based on the analyzes already published by the Pension Orientation Council (COR), the pension monitoring committee (CSR) and France Strategy, François Bayrou considers that The future of pension plans calls "a Open debate so that public opinion can take a lit position, "according to this note published by Le Figaro on Thursday, of which the France-Presse agency obtained a copy.

Pension age increase: Rishi Sunak warned of rebellion after hints age might rise to 68 sooner than expected

  Pension age increase: Rishi Sunak warned of rebellion after hints age might rise to 68 sooner than expected The review into whether to bring forward the planned increase in retirement age to 68 from 2046 to 2037 will conclude in the new year . Despite life expectancy falling in the UK, Work and Pensions Secretary, Mel Stride, told MPs that accelerating the rise could be justified due to the “pretty hairy” state of public finances. Government sources said no decision has been made and changes to the age were just as likely to be moved later as it is to be brought forward, adding: “Speculation otherwise at the moment is just that.

The majority ally also asked, during a dinner on Wednesday evening at the Elysée, to make more "pedagogy". The details of the pension reform, which will be presented next week, is emerging: The government wants to stay on a departure at 65 years . He plans to use a budgetary text to pass the reform, which would allow him to possibly use the constitutional weapon of the 49.3. All the unions are hostile there and threatens a large day of mobilization in January.

"Our pension system is likely to be increasingly weakened in its financial balance and, continually aggravating our debt, to weigh more and more about the economic capacity of the country and its independence", estimates François Bayrou . In the next 25 years, “without perspective of reforms, the demographic development of the various pension plans has led, with the economic hypotheses proposed by the COR (7% unemployment rate and 1% annual productivity gain), to a Average annual deficit of 2.1% of GDP ", which" would ask the question of sustainability "of the regimes, specifies the note.

‘Days are numbered' for TV licence as viewers resist £159 fee - ‘writing on the wall!'

  ‘Days are numbered' for TV licence as viewers resist £159 fee - ‘writing on the wall!' The TV licence and its future continues to split opinion amongst Britons.At present, the TV licence costs £159 for a colour licence, and £53.50 for black and white.

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several levers to reduce the

deficit to reduce this deficit, the High Commissioner for Planning mentioned several levers, but without "interfere with the consultations" with the partners social, which end on Friday. He "does not integrate" an increase or tax creation, and also dismisses, like the government, the idea of ​​lowering pensions, "powerful factor of social disintegration".

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, however, a postponement of the starting age? Two scenarios at 64 or 64.2 years are cited? And an extension of the contribution duration would be "a powerful lever for improving the financial balance of the regimes", generating between 10 and 20 billion euros, which represent "around a third of the need" of annual financing from here at 2047.

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Another track would consist in increasing Pensioners' Pension contributions from an point, which would drop from 16.5 to 17.5% of gross salary, providing 7.5 billion euros, or about 15% of the need for financing . Finally, going to "full employment", with 1.5 million additional jobs, would produce 10 billion euros, or 20% of the funding need. The High Commission also suggests increasing the average annual rate of productivity to 1.3%, provided that the proposals of the National Productivity Council is used.

Jens Spahn demands: "Live in pension a month later" for each year later ".
The CDU politician and former health minister Jens Spahn has proposed a new model to increase the retirement age. In his opinion, the start of retirement should be linked to the average life expectancy in the future, reports the Tagesspiegel . © provided by Berliner Zeitung Similar ideas were previously expressed by Union faction manager Thorsten Frei and CDU-Vice Carsten Linnemann. Spahn concretizes with the demand: "Pension a month later for each year".

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