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Money: Scholz wants to reach less early pension entries

‘Days are numbered' for TV licence as viewers resist £159 fee - ‘writing on the wall!'

  ‘Days are numbered' for TV licence as viewers resist £159 fee - ‘writing on the wall!' The TV licence and its future continues to split opinion amongst Britons.At present, the TV licence costs £159 for a colour licence, and £53.50 for black and white.

Berlin - Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64) wants fewer people to retire before reaching the regular age limit.

Olaf Scholz (64) sieht unter anderem bei Weiterbildungsangeboten und qualifizierter Einwanderung Nachholbedarf. Bernd Settnik/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa © Bernd Settnik/DPA central picture/dpa Olaf Scholz (64) sees, among other things, for further training offers and qualified immigration. Bernd Settnik/dpa central picture/dpa

"It is important to increase the proportion of those who can really work until the retirement age. Many find it difficult for many today," the SPD politician told the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe and the French newspaper "Ouest -France "(Sunday).

Scholz also sees "increase potential" in the share of women in the labor market. "In order for the back, we have to expand all -day offers in cribs, daycare centers and schools."

Pension reform: François Bayrou wants to “enlighten” opinion

 Pension reform: François Bayrou wants to “enlighten” opinion © LP/Olivier Ariandel/Maxpppp/Photopqr/Le Parisien/Maxppp L E Haut-Commissariat au Plan, piloted by the boss of the Modem François Bayrou , made public Thursday, December 8, a note on pensions on Thursday 8 December offering several levers, including a postponement of the departure age and an extension of the contribution duration.

According to calculations by the Federal Institute for Population Research, more and more people in Germany are going into pension early. Many therefore divide the labor market at the age of 63 or 64 - and thus clearly before the regular age limit. At the same time, the German economy suffers from a lack of workers.

"We can catch a lot by creating better starting opportunities for young people and investing them in vocational training and further education," said Scholz. "And in addition we will also need immigration from other countries to secure our prosperity."

Scholz also defended the federal government's project to facilitate naturalization in Germany.

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G7 Roads Climate Club Under German Chair

 G7 Roads Climate Club Under German Chair The climate club is intended to help comply with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and to support developing and emerging countries in the energy transition. © Markus Schreiber/AP Photo/Picture Alliance Chancellor Olaf Scholz initiated the idea for the climate club The heads of state and government of the G7 founded an international club in the fight against global warming, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said after a video conference the other members of the group of states.

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In Deutschland gehen derzeit immer mehr Menschen früh in Rente. Sebastian Kahnert/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa © Sebastian Kahnert/dpa central picture/dpa in Germany are currently retiring. Sebastian Kahnert/dpa central picture/dpa Olaf Scholz would like to equalize immigration to international standards

"For a long time, those who immigrated to Germany were treated as if they were leaving the country later - the acquisition of the citizenship was not in the foreground ", he said. "But we have long been immigration land and now want to adapt it to international standards."

In many states, citizenship is received after five years. This should also be the case in this country "if you can German, earn your own livelihood and have not committed any crimes," said Scholz.

With several legal projects, the traffic lights had recently started to reform German migration policy, for example with the so-called opportunities for opportunities and changes to the right of nationality.

Start of the pension: FDP wants flexible entrance age

 Start of the pension: FDP wants flexible entrance age Nobody has to prescribe people when they have retired, says FDP Vice-President Johannes Vogel. The liberals want to get away from the official retirement age and already have a role model. © Franziska Gabbert/ dpa With a statement about the rush to early retirement, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has initiated a basic debate about the age of entry. The FDP senses a chance for a topic that it has on the agenda anyway.

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Around 630,000 have left the workforce since 2019 and employment figures are still not back to pre-pandemic levels, according to Government figures. A new personal MOT would allow workers to assess their financial health. It is believed that many over-50s decided to take early retirement based on assumptions made before the recent cost of living crisis.

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