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Money: These pills do not belong in the tablet box

The Radical Traditionalism of Steven Spielberg

  The Radical Traditionalism of Steven Spielberg It is the defiant victory of this late period of Steven Spielberg’s career that he is making movies, and making them better than ever, for an audience that may no longer have any idea of how to watch them.When a director has spent the last decade addressing America’s recent history as vividly as Spielberg has with Bridge of Spies, The Post, and especially West Side Story, one of his masterpieces; when he’s made those stories feel like parts of the unfinished history we are all still living; and when he’s done all this using the techniques and conventions that defined the classic Hollywood cinema of the ‘40s and ‘50s, making them feel not like resurrected relics but living art, then the reduce


These pills do not belong in the tablet box   Diese Pillen gehören nicht in die Tablettenbox © t - Online

A tablet box for the week helps to keep an overview. But not every tablet is allowed in. An overview.

is as practical as a tablet box is: it is better not to keep some medication there. According to the Hesse State Pharmacist Chamber of Apothe, this includes shower and melted tablets as well as soft gelatin capsules. Because these dosage forms are sensitive to air humidity - for example, they can dissolve earlier than you actually want.

Sometimes the active ingredient is sensitive

and certain active ingredients also bind the moisture from the air particularly strongly. These are, for example, the cholesterol -lowering fluvastatin or the active ingredient sodium valporat, which is used in epilepsy.

The State Pharmacist Chamber has a tip on how to determine which medication is not allowed in the tablet box. If there are clues such as "Storage" and "Protect" from moisture in the package insert, the tablets are better waiting in blister and box until they are taken.

"Unicorn Wars": a powerful and political animated film that oscillates between Mignon and Gore .
in theaters on December 28, the Spanish animated film alternates between magic and violence, and poses as a critical mirror of a militarized society imprint of fanaticism religious. Franceinfo was able to watch him in preview and speak with its director Alberto Vazquez. Recognized for its singular animated universe, the Spanish director Alberto Vazquez was first illustrated in the comics before embarking on the courts then feature films.

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