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Money: Tesla is said to have fired Musk-critical employees-share with a new negative record

Piers Morgan takes brutal swipe at Elton John after Rocketman quits Twitter

  Piers Morgan takes brutal swipe at Elton John after Rocketman quits Twitter The Rocketman quit Twitter on Friday with a powerful message.Sir Elton has become the latest celebrity to quit Twitter following Elon Musk’s takeover, joining the likes of Stephen Fry, as many famous faces step back due to various controversies, including users being able to pay for a ‘blue tick’ – and thus verification – and the rolling back of a policy aimed at tackling misinformation related to Covid-19 on the social media platform.

Kritik lässt sich Elon Musk nur ungern gefallen. © dpa criticism is reluctant to please.

with his capers around Twitter also has Elon Musk Tesla shareholder: angered in the inside. They fear-apparently rightly-that the Tesla CEO neglects the electric car maker. The stock sinks and sinks. And there is a new scandal around the corner.

on Twitter Tesla boss Elon Musk is showing his less good page . Since the takeover and official taking office, negative news has mainly been dominating the headlines: mass layoffs, mattresses in the office, poor use of criticism and constant back and forth in decisions. Tesla boss Elon Musk recently raged at Twitter with the blocking of the Elonjet account , which is posted by Musks Privatjet, based on publicly accessible data, and several journalists: Interior accounts for an outcry. - illegal - ban from links to the competition was collected again. [Crosslinks IDS = "1519530, 1511363, 1515265"] Only at the beginning of the week had Musk voted on his future as a Twitter CEO. The majority of those who had voted, wants to go . Let's see if he adheres to his promise to accuse the result. While Musk has openly cold critical voices on Twitter, there seems to have been two cases at Tesla, in which two employees are said to have been fired on the basis of expressed criticism. That would be illegal according to California labor law. Tesla assisted for critical questions, such as Techcrunch, citing the corresponding letting of complaints. The lawyer: Inside the person concerned and a Bloomberg report writes , the two part of a group of Tesla employees are said to have been, the Musks strict request to return from the Home office should have criticized in the office. In addition, Musk postings were criticized on Twitter that the Tesla rules are said to have violated hate speech. The two fired people are said to have expressed the criticism of their superiors. The criticism was not published internally. One of the two people is said to have been said that such discussions were "an attack" on the company alone. The Labor Law of the State of California allows employees: Inside, possible criticism of their employer: exchange inside-and discuss the corresponding forms of protest. Similar accusations of SpaceX employees had previously accused the company that was also fired by Elon Musk that they had been fired at the top of a complaint. In the letter it was about the request to tighten the corresponding internal rules after allegations against Musk due to sexual harassment. Around the same time, hundreds of SpaceX employees had criticized behavior on Twitter in an open letter. [Articlegallery id = "4"] Tesla, in turn, had repeatedly noticed complaints and complaints from employees about various violations in recent years. Among other things, it was about sexual harassment, discrimination and hate speech as well as a lack of compliance with notice periods. Tesla share with a new negative record whether the latest allegations have a negative impact on further stock development is questionable. However, the Tesla share is currently in a descent without the legal problems . Elon Musk's dealings with and on Twitter in particular should be responsible for this. In December 2022 alone, the paper of the e-car maker is said to have given in another 22 percent. Over the past twelve months, an minus of 62 percent has been booked - the greatest break -in since the 2010 IPO. So far, the decline of 60 percent has been the negative record in this area between February and March 2020.

Elon Musk wants to resign as the Twitter boss .
only when a successor is found. Does Elon Musk really plan it? Most recently, he had explained that "nobody wants the job that Twitter can actually live alive". © YUI MOK/PA Wire/Picture Alliance The coordination of users in October, initiated by Musk as a question of yes, bought the short message service Twitter. Since the takeover, chaos has been in the online network. Now Musk wants to step down as a boss himself - but only under one condition, first a successor must be found.

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