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Weird News: Cameroon: 33 seminarians removed for less than 24 hours in the southwest in Bachuo Ntai

Cameroon: Onana rugged, Ngamaleu Package

 Cameroon: Onana rugged, Ngamaleu Package taken in a traffic accident, André Onana escaped without a scratch, while Cameroon recorded the package of Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleu. © Provided by Football 365 Onana The "Breaking News" succeed one's high speed in the den of the indomitable Lions. Early on Tuesday morning, social networks saw spreading photos, disturbing, from an traffic accident in which André Onana was involved .

Buea, capitale de de la province camerounaise du Sud-Ouest et épicentre des troubles du Cameroun anglophone (image d'illustration) © Alexis Huguet / AFP / Archives BUea, capital of the Cameroonian province of the Southwest and epicenter of English Cameroon disorders (image of The new illustration of the volatile situation in the southwestern region of Cameroon: In the department of Manyu, 33 seminarians were kidnapped Thursday, then released on Friday, less than 24 hours after their abduction. Father Humphrey Tata Mbuy, Head of Communication from the Cameroon National Conference of the Bishops recalls that these students of the great seminar of Bachuo Ntai who are destined for the priesthood, come from all Cameroon and have nothing to do with the Secure crisis in progress. A crisis, he says, where the motivations of armed groups are increasingly uncertain.

Algeria, a giant step towards the world / barrage Go - World Cup 2022

 Algeria, a giant step towards the world / barrage Go - World Cup 2022 Thanks to the precious goal of Islam Slimani, Algeria has established it on the ground of Cameroon (0-1), by dam Go to the World Cup 2022. © Provided by Football 365 Islam Slimani (Algeria) A few weeks only after a Catastrophic African Cup for Her, Algeria has signed Friday a capital and historical victory in Cameroon ( 0-1), as part of the dams for the World Cup 2022.

"These 33 students were leaving the main building by vehicle to reach their dormitories. On their way, they were intercepted by armed men who took them into a bush. They first said they wanted 25 million. Nobody has said nothing. They went down to 6 million. Nobody has said nothing. So, they decided to relax all. The priest recalls that this affair intervenes about one month after armed men burned the school of Okoyong girls in Mamfé, just 8 kilometers away. "We do not know exactly what's going on. It is impossible to say if these kidnappings are politically targeted or if they are just people who are hungry, people who want money. The general situation has become so complex that a very careful study should be before anyone can say that he really knows what is happening.

and Father Tata Mbuy to point out that, according to him, each Cameroon today aspires peace, ceasefire and constructive dialogue between the different actors.

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