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Weird News: to Bielefeld drama: Pedal for head protection

Coronation Street spoilers: Trailer reveals two major death twists next week

  Coronation Street spoilers: Trailer reveals two major death twists next week A brand new trailer for the ITV soap previews a dramatic and game-changing week in Weatherfield.The ITV soap is set to air not one, but two major story developments in next week’s outings.

After the second heavy head injury at Arminia Bielefeld, the Bundesliga beats alarm. Sport1 Columnist Mara Pfeiffer has a concrete proposal.

Nach Bielefeld-Drama: Plädoyer für Kopfschutz © Provided by to Bielefeld-Drama: Plea for head protection

again it has caught a player of Arminia Bielefeld at the head .

Cédric Brunner collided at the 0: 4 defeat in Wolfsburg with VfL striker Jona's wind together. The Swiss defender sacked unconscious after the crash and slammed hard on the floor.

Although there could be a slight deletion later, but the topic has recently broken down at the East Westphalia. One week ago, Fabian Klos had caught Stuttgart , the striker suffered a skull break and had to be operated.

Corrie star reveals Lydia's plot has exposed the worst in Sarah

  Corrie star reveals Lydia's plot has exposed the worst in Sarah Surely she should have more trust in her husband?Her web of lies that have painted Adam as a love cheat who has been conducting an affair with her have convinced Sarah that she can’t trust him.

video highlights on the matchday of the Bundesliga from Monday 0 o'clock in the Sport1 Mediathek and in the Sport1 App

Sport1 expert Stefan Effenberg has a suggestion on how to curb such injuries. (Data: The Table of the Bundesliga)

Corrie star confirms Gary confesses to murder as Rick's body is found

  Corrie star confirms Gary confesses to murder as Rick's body is found Gary comes to a major decision, after the truth about Rick Neelan's disappearance is revealed.The former builder has made it his mission to keep the truth about Rick’s demise a secret, but doing so has proven incredibly difficult, after Laura (Kel Allen) employed a PI to search for the missing man.

Effenberg strikes return to the old rule before

"Maybe you should go back to the old rule that the players at the header should be back their arm with their own protection.", Beats Effenberg. "In the collision of Fabian Klos, he has gone up without protection, then one could prevent such injuries." (Data: Results and Schedules of the Bundesliga)

Teacher Kramer clearly: "Note 6, Stay"

 Teacher Kramer clearly: Arminia Bielefeld has lost in series for the fourth time. After the 0: 4 in Mainz 05, the Arminen practiced clear self-criticism. © imago / Jan Huebner Arminia Bielefeld's Trainer Frank Kramer did not agree with the performance at Mainz 05.

for Union Berlin's Managing Director Oliver Ruhnert, on the other hand, is a head injury in football "Never exclude Even with protective arm. But it has already done a lot with a view of the so-called Return to Play 'that there is. The doctors decide whether a way to play. "

Kramer and the special "four"

 Kramer and the special after the disappointing appearance in Mainz and the crash to a descent place must find Arminia Bielefeld again in the fight mode. That also knows the coach, who grabs his players with the honor. © Imago / Eibner Hands in front of the face: Frank Kramer could not be satisfied with the performance of his team in Mainz. Bielefeld: "Everyone wants to play Bundesliga" Whether the "four" from Bielefelder view is a special number, can only be suspected.

Mara Pfeiffer, Sport1 Columnist and Free Journalist, has a concrete suggestion:" I have the feeling that the sport has become a lot faster - I do not know if it is a matter of perception But most recently there were many head stories. At some point, you may have to worry if you are protecting your head - at least for players on a certain position. "

Pfeiffer:" Certain head protection story not disposable "

for Pfeiffer must not necessarily be a helmet, that sounds very martial And after knight. But a certain head protection story is not elaborate. "

Sport1 Bundesliga Classics: Historical moments of the Bundesliga in the video - in the sports1 media library and in the Sport1 App

players with headgear you will find only sporadic in football so far. When he still played, Chelsea Keeper Peter Cech carried a helmet, or Darmstadt defender Klaus Gjasula. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

Culprits: Gemma Arterton transforms into member of a heist crew

  Culprits: Gemma Arterton transforms into member of a heist crew In a first look at the eight-part drama, the Bond actress, 36, donned all black as she jumped out an exploded bank wall with a bag of cash in dramatic scenes. Disney+'s Culprits follows the aftermath of a heist, when the crew have gone their separate ways but are being targeted one-by-one by a killer.

Pfeiffer: "The media dealing with this is very important, which fortunately improved something. That one does not say, the players will be celebrating for it when they are best started in the playing edge of a stark collision and then continue. "

Everything about the Bundesliga at Sport1:

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Harry and Meghan will 'NOT be given an audience with Netherlands King .
Traditionally, the Dutch royal family hosts stays of foreign royals, but a spokesperson has confirmed no such olive branch will be extended to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Dutch authorities also said Harry and Meghan's close protection officers cannot be armed if they travel to the Netherlands, The Sun reports. It is not known whether Harry will visit the UK and see the Queen while he is on this side of the Atlantic for the event - running from April 16 to April 22.

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