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Weird News: Fine Creamy Lemon Cream: The Perfect Dessert for the Easter Menu! Can also be a fruity filling in the fast festive cake

People are losing their minds over Netflix’s new show ‘Is It Cake?'

  People are losing their minds over Netflix’s new show ‘Is It Cake?' People are losing their minds over Netflix’s new show ‘Is It Cake?'Is It Cake? is a Netflix baking series hosted by SNL's Mikey Day where contestants compete to make hyper-realistic cakes and trick a panel of judges into believing their cakes are real objects. And people cannot stop making jokes and memes about the #1 show.

you are still looking for a delicious and fine dessert for your easter menu? How about a creamy lemon cream, nice fluffy, with fine consistency. The is, served in pretty glasses and garnished, a dessert that will delight their guests.

  Fein-sahnige Zitronencreme: Das perfekte Dessert fürs Oster-Menü! Kann auch als fruchtige Füllung in die schnelle Festtags-Torte © Provided by Berliner Kurier

You do not load to Easter to the menu, but to the coffee board? Again, this lemon cream is a great tip - as a juicy filling for a quick pie. Try it too, this lemon cream will note you as a recipe in your cookbook ...

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you need for about six portions Lemon Cream: 3 fresh eggs, 130 grams of sugar, 1 large lemon (untreated), 3 sheets of gelatine, ½ liter cream

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and how it works: Press the lemon and put the juice in a small saucepan. In a bowl of eggs, sugar and abrasion from the lemon peel with the mixer foamy. For at least five minutes, so that the sugar crystals are completely dissolved and the mass becomes airy-creamy.

warm the lemon juice in the saucepan (not hot) and dissolve the three sheets of gelatin. Make sure that the gelatine dissolves and there is no klümpchen. Stir in the lemon gelatin juice into the egg mass.

beating the cream to cream and then carefully fold into the crowd. Distribute the lemon cream in pretty glasses or glass bowls. Or take wine glasses with stalk, even that looks festive. Put the glasses cold in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Garnish the lemon cream before serving. To do this, you can cut out of another lemon fine slices, halve them, slots and plug them on the border. Or they scatter a little fine coffee powder (ready-made coffee) on the lemon cream.

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with the lemon cream makes a cake conjure. If it should go fast, take a finished biscuit floor from the bakery or from the supermarket.

Prepare the cream after the recipe up, but it takes two sheets of gelatin anymore so that the filling gets enough. Cut the cake floor or twice. Place a cake floor on a plate, create a cake ring (or the edge of a springform).

in a first layer elongate the lemon cream on the biscuit bottom. Place the second pie bottom and dividing the cream on it. If there is a third cake floor, as well.

well suits Raspberrymus, which is thinly painted in a layer of thin on one of the cake floor. But does not have to be. Strip the lemon cream on top. Then refrigerate in the fridge for a few hours.

before serving you can garnish the cake suitable for Easter. For example, set two very small and light chocolates on top. Or with powdered sugar an Easter motif on the surface dust.

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