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Weird News: Vitaa Mom for the third time: the reception of the baby by his elders unveiled and crack!

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  Laura arrested for Rick's murder in shock Corrie twist Guilty Gary couldn't believe his eyes.When he found out that the County training ground was being relocated, Gary was horrified that the new site was to be where he moved the body of Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) to.

Thursday, April 14, 2022, Vitaa posted an adorable story of one of his sons with his little sister born at the beginning of the week.

Vitaa maman pour la troisième fois : l’accueil du bébé par ses aînés dévoilé et on craque ! © Abaca Vitaa Mom for the third time: the baby's welcome by his elders unveiled and crack!

Vitaa has everything to be happy whether professionally or sentimentally speaking. Now mom of three children, it may be that the singer thinking of stopping his career to devote himself to his children.

This is at least what the best friend of Diam's revealed during his interview given to our colleagues of South Radio. "My next album will certainly be the last and I do not say that to make com. I am a very simple girl. When I do not work, I stay at home with my children. I do not drag in the evenings, I I'm not wild enough. That said, I do not know until when I will do this job. I have a family, I'm aged, and I want to see my children grow up. I may be going to do me More rare " has entrusted the interpreter d 'a flower of you.

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Besides, Vitaa began his career being the chorister of the ancient rapper for those who did not know. It is their collaboration on the title nocturnal confessions who will put the Slimane acolyte on the front of the stage as a singer in 2006.

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Un mouvement s'est formé en soutien à la Princesse de la Pop, à retrouver sur les réseaux sociaux sous le hashtag #FreeBritney (Entendez: The sons of Vitaa already gagas of their little sister

less than a week after the birth of the first son of his friend Amel already beyond mom of two girls, Vitaa has also gave birth. Already at the head of a siblings composed of Liham (10 years) and Adam (7 years). From now on, the artist will be able to put the most beautiful princesses dresses at his beautiful Noa. "No. 10.04.22. Praise to you Lord for filling me once more by the most beautiful of your creatures. May you protect our doll from this bas-world and fill your benefits ... In Love with my daughter "She welcomed a first post Instagram with the tip of cabbage.

and it seems that she is not the only one in love to believe her story posted this Thursday, April 14, 2022 where we see one of her sons alongside her little sister doing a kiss on the FORNT. The cliché is legendary as follows: "The dream of a big brother". What to fill the mom of happiness!

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