Weird News: Financial Advice: 20 percent trust influencers more than professionals - especially for cryptocurrencies

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trained financial advisors are no longer the first point of contact when asked about the right investment. Instead, more and more people receive their information from social media. This was the result of a Sortlist survey.

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The marketing company Sortlist examined at the beginning of June as part of a survey what influence influencers 2022 in financial decisions. 1,000 social media users from Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands took part.

offline media for all age groups unpopular

The result: 79 percent of the respondents have already made investment decisions based on information provided by an influencer or an influencer, and a fifth trusts the layperson in the Social media even more than trained financial advisors. After all, 37 percent find that the professionals would work more transparently. And despite the great influence of social media, the influencers were classified by the survey participants as significantly less reliable than the professionals.

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While Google and professional counseling centers are considered the best sources of reliable information about possible finance decisions at the majority, neither the younger ones (35-44 years) nor the older (45-54 years) respond to magazines and other offline media.

social media complement other information sources

regarding the content, the majority stated that influencers are followed especially in the area of ​​crypto theme, with YouTube, Instagram and Facebook being the most popular platforms. When choosing the social media size of trust, credibility and content play the greatest role, the number of followers proved to be comparatively unimportant.

The survey also showed that the decision for a good source for most is not "either or" - rather, the influencers largely complement the other sources of the respondents. At least 68 percent stated that the information found on social media always found on social media before the final investment decision.

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Influencers No threat to professionals

on the question of why so many are consulting social media for their decision, Sortlink quotes the investor and consultant Tony Jazz: "City strikes! That is why we trust the influencers. They trust a friend more Lighter than a stranger - and influencers build a friendly relationship with their community. " Another reason is, according to the survey, that most simply do not have the financial means and the time for an appointment. All in all, according to Sortlink, it can be concluded from the survey results that social media make it easier for the majority of the population to start the topic. Later there are almost always other sources of information - and since the media and professional advisors bring different advantages, the latter in 2022 don't have to worry about their jobs. Redaktion

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