Weird News: 19.09. until 25.09.2022: The great luck is now waiting for these 3 zodiac signs!

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  20 facts you might not know about 'The Silence of the Lambs' “The Silence of the Lambs” is as unsettling a movie as you will find but it was also a critical darling that spawned multiple sequels and TV shows. As grim and scary as the film can be, it is still a movie, made by actors and producers. That means there are facts about the film and its production we can relay to you. Maybe read them with the lights on.

Three zodiacs are now experiencing a real week of luck. Yours too?

Drei Sternzeichen erwartet das große Glück © SARAYUT / ISTOCK Three zodiac awaits the great luck

This week the starry sky offers us some highlights again: Mercury, sun and Venus are extremely cheap and provide us with new optimism and energy. On September 23, the day-and-night equally heralds the creative scale season and also the calendar beginnings. The crowning glory will then also be in the scales on September 25th.

Especially three zodiac signs benefit from this special week. Whether love, job or health- you have a real strand of luck.

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fish are true high -flyer

for romantic fish is love the great theme of the week. Venus provides a lot of romance and passion. With singles it can now spark with a virgin. Just dare to take the first step?

The signs of success are also professionally. You dare to responsibility and score with a lot of ambition and new ideas. As a thank you, you get praise and recognition, and promotion is also possible.

zodiac sign Libra: You follow your destinations

scales start the week with a new enthusiasm. You do not let yourself be pulled down by lousy or nozzles, but determine your goals. You emit a natural and cheerful optimism that is well received by others. This results in useful business or private contacts. The new moon, on Friday, September 23, is in your sign and sends you additional energy.

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for ibex is waiting for an exceptionally nice week! Under the positive influence of Venus, Neptune and Uranus, you experience a sensual and romantic time, especially in love

. While couples understand themselves dazzling and diligently plan their future, singles should take a date. Especially with a cancer or a scorpion, you are on a wavelength.

Article picture and social media: Sarayut / iStock

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This 5 zodiac sign waves love happiness in September 2022 .
Amor diligently distributed love arrows in September and lets four zodiac signs float on cloud seven. Does your zodiac sign also win a month full of love luck? © ISTOCKPHOTO This 3 zodiac waves love happiness in September 2022 iStockphoto ending, with loose appointments and various dating partners! Through love plan Venus, three zodiac signs feel the urge to finally settle down and long for a happy, satisfied and romantic relationship - and love happiness is with them.

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