Weird News: a pizza with potato floor? That's how it's done!

First Tales of the Walking Dead trailer features a creepy Alpha, Terry Crews – and tons of undead nightmares

  First Tales of the Walking Dead trailer features a creepy Alpha, Terry Crews – and tons of undead nightmares The first trailer for the Walking Dead spin-off is hereIn the trailer (which you can see above), Alpha takes centre stage. Samantha Morton's villain is in spine-tingling form, even in the pre-outbreak days, saying, "I'm not sure I meant to kill him... but I'm glad I did.

Our home should always radiate warmth and a feel -good flair. Five errors can quickly make the apartment uncomfortable

5 Fehler, die die Wohnung ungemütlich machen istockphoto © istockphoto 5 errors that make the apartment uncomfortable iStockphoto

A cozy apartment is like balm for our soul. However, when decorating or setting up it, it can quickly happen that it looks cool and uncomfortable. To blame for this, these five furnishing errors can be:

1. Empty walls

, regardless of which living style you choose in your home, the walls should not all remain empty. Even with a modern, minimalist furnishings, there should not be a lot of pictures or decorative objects. Tip: If you don't want to hang your walls, you should just choose an eye -catcher - the room upwards does not look so naked.

England celebrated quarter-final win over Spain with karaoke and pizza

  England celebrated quarter-final win over Spain with karaoke and pizza England celebrated after Wednesday's dramatic quarter-final win over Spain with karaoke to ABBA and Celine Dion, as well as eating pizza, and a choice of either cake or ice cream.The Lionesses endured a nervy evening on Wednesday as they went behind for the first time in the tournament when Esther Gonzalez put Spain ahead in the 54th minute. But England fought back, with Ella Toone equalising in the 84th minute before Georgia Stanway won it in extra-time with a stunning strike.

2. No houseplants

The effect of houseplants is often underestimated, but it is the easiest trick to give a room more cosiness in no time. They ensure a little more liveliness in the four walls and also help a good room air. If you don't have a green thumb, you can also help with a few beautiful artificial plants.

3. Too few textiles

The fewer textiles you have in one room, the more uncomfortable it looks. Of course, this does not mean that you are supposed to overload your home with carpets, pillows and the like, but some fabric cannot harm one or the other corner in the room. Tip: Textiles in different nuances of a color family harmonize particularly well with each other and ensure a clean look.

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4. No indirect light sources

whether in the kitchen, in the living room, bedroom or even in the bathroom: do not save on indirect light. Lamps, fairy lights and candles create a cozy atmosphere in the evening through their warm light and are not as bright as wall or ceiling lamps.

5. Only a wall color

Only white walls can be used in large rooms such as B. the living room or bedroom look very cool and sterile. In order to create a more cozy atmosphere, one of the areas in a different color should best be painted. However, this does not have to be a striking color, a delicate gray or beige tone is already sufficient to ensure the feel-good effect.

fries crispy again: With this trick you never have to throw away fry-soft fries again! .
Make There is hardly a court in this world that is as undisputed as a good portion of fries. The crispy-baked potato rods bring everything: different textures (crispy on the outside and soft on the outside), through the thickness a certain sweetness through the spices and of course everything tastes full-bodied through the fat in which they are baked. But all love for fresh crispy fries fries immediately evaporates when they were too long and suddenly only lifting and greased.

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