Weird News: No access for mourners to the goal of the Buckingham Palace

What will happen now the Queen has died - 27 step plan for the nation rolled out over 10 days

  What will happen now the Queen has died - 27 step plan for the nation rolled out over 10 days The secret plan immediately swings into operation now Britain's longest reigning monarch has diedIt turns out there is a super secret plan that has a special code name - Operation London Bridge. If you're fond of The Queen, it might seem like a huge deal. And if you're not it might be easy to ignore what will happen - but it will have a big impact on all of our lives, in lots of ways you might not have realised.

The day before the Queen state burial, access to the Buckingham Palace has been restricted. "If you plan to visit the Buckingham Palace today, please note that you cannot enter the area in front of the main gate," said the royal parks on Sunday.

Trauernde haben vor den Toren des Buckingham Palastes in London Blumen abgelegt, um Königin Elizabeth II. die letzte Ehre zu erweisen. © Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP/dpa mourned at the gates of the Buckingham Palace in London to get Queen Elizabeth II.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, mourners had gathered in front of the royal palace in London, and thousands laid flowers in front of the goal.

The Green Park in the immediate vicinity of the Buckingham Palace is expected to be overcrowded, the park administration said on Twitter and advised mourning to take their flowers in Hyde Park.

The mourning areas in both parks should also be open the day after the state burial planned for this Monday.

With the Queen's death, we've tasted a moment of unity, writes ex-royal courtier PATRICK JEPHSON .
PATRICK JEPHSON: None of us who have lived through the golden twilight of the Queen's reign and witnessed its inevitable, yet still unexpected, final closing will ever be quite the same again. We will have tasted a unique moment of unity and we’ll know at some deep level that our human hunger for fellowship and belonging can be satisfied, however fleetingly.

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