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Weird News: jogging with dog: Tips for the joint training

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  Joggen mit Hund: Tipps für das gemeinsame Training © provided by The Rudel

You are a dog owner: In and passionate runners: in or would you like to start jogging soon? So it only makes sense that you want to take your four -legged friend on one or the other round. Because walking together offers many advantages: in addition to movement and training that it offers for you and your dog, it can also strengthen the shared bond between you and your darling.

, especially at the beginning of your joint running career, you may have many open questions. Is my dog ​​suitable for jogging? How much can I expect to him? How can I best start? We try to answer these questions for you and below have some tips that can help you and your four -legged friend.

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First of all, you should of course find out whether your dog is fundamentally suitable for joint running training. To find out that you can look at the following criteria: age, health state and race. If your dog is too young or too old, you shouldn't consider going jogging together. Your dog should be at least fully grown. Of course, you shouldn't take your dog up to the run if they have health problems. If you basically do not describe your dog as not physically fit, you should speak to your vet in advance. There are also some dog breeds that are generally not suitable for jogging. This includes dogs that belong to very large breeds or short -leaning breeds.

Next you should look at the condition of your dog, because this decides how much you can expect at the beginning. Depending on how fit you are both and how your dog's training state (also in terms of basic commands) is, we recommend slowly starting anyway and gradually increasing training. Give you both of them best enough time to get used to the load. Plan breaks more often at the beginning and take enough water for you and your four -legged friend.

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starts with small units of 15 to 20 minutes and only two to three times a week. If you realize that this does not (more) demand (anymore), increase the time by time and frequency. But even if you will soon create much more time and route, remember that regeneration times are also important for good and sustainable training. A day break between the training sessions is ideal. So that no wrong expectations arise from the start, make sure that your dog runs neatly next to you in the foot. Neither should he pull you nor you follow him.

and of course the right equipment should not be missing. While you naturally need good running shoes, your dog should wear a well -fitting dog harness that does not restrict the freedom of movement. The shoulder blades should be freely movable and the dishes should not have any elements that run horizontally along the chest. We also recommend a leash with a recess and a belt for you. Both are available as a combination in common specialist trade or online. With this equipment you have your hands free and you can optimally focus on training.

With these tips, nothing should stand in the way of the start of training from you and your dog.

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