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Weird News: More than 1100 suggestions for "Tort of the Year"

estimated 400,000 Russians fled due to mobilization

 estimated 400,000 Russians fled due to mobilization According to the Western government sources, an estimated 400,000 Russians have fled their homeland due to the partial mobilization. The number of those who had left the country against Ukraine against Ukraine have not yet taken into account the number. © Sasu Mäkinen/Lehtikuva/dpa After announcing partial mobilization, there was more traffic than usual on the Russian-Finnish borders.

The crisis issues of the past few months dominate the search for the "unfame of the year" 2022. Among the proposals that have been received so far, many terms refer to the Ukraine war or the climate crisis , as Constanze Spieß reported, the spokeswoman for the jury of the language-critical "word" campaign. Other topics are social policy, combined with the debate about the energy crisis and the corona pandemic. The submitted terms include "special surgery", "special funds", "free mentality", "hygiene walk", "climate terrorist" or "climate-raf".

Das Wort «Unwort» ist in einem Wörterbuch zu lesen. © Stephan Jansen/dpa/Symbol image The word "unfame" can be read in a dictionary.

The proposals reflected the public debates of the year on the one hand, and on the other hand the great events, of course, said linguist. At the beginning of the year, submissions around pandemic would have dominated. With the Russian attack against Ukraine in February, this suddenly decreased. Since then, there have been "many submissions" from this area.

only 6 % of real estate rental announcements are legal

 only 6 % of real estate rental announcements are legal © Sylvain Robin/Oceanprod - among the compulsory mentions most often omitted are the energy expenditure of housing. On individual sites, the rate of rental ads comply with 100%, that is to say, comprising all compulsory mentions, without exception, is 0%. Thus, none of the announcements of the PAP and the right corner sites are in accordance with.

With the freestyle of the "word" should be made aware of inappropriate use of language and thus sensitized. The jury consisting of language experts complains about the principles of human dignity or democracy, discriminate against social groups or are euphemistic, disguising or misleading formulations. Suggestions have to meet one of the criteria, the frequency of mentioning does not matter.

interested parties can submit their suggestions by online form or email until December 31. The jury then plans to announce the “word” in Marburg in Hesse on January 10, 2023. Last year they chose “Pushback”.

Richard Berry speaks for the first time about the incest accusations of his daughter Coline .
supplied by MadmoiZelle Coline Berry accuses her father of incest on the set of BFMTV in March 2021 Coline Berry filed a complaint against his father in January 2021. She accused her of rapes and sexual assaults occurring when she was about 8 years old. The case was classified without follow-up due to the prescription of the facts, in August 2022. "I can today express myself and say that everything is false", said in the pages of the JDD .

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