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Weird News: Merz and Scholz restore normal ratio

Germany: Chancellor Olaf Scholz under the fire of criticism for his visit to China

 Germany: Chancellor Olaf Scholz under the fire of criticism for his visit to China the visit of Olaf Scholz in China - the first of a European leader since 2019 - does not stop fueling the critics, at the international as in his own coalition. The Chancellor remains determined to treat relations with Germany's first trading partner. © supplied by Franceinfo The visit will not last more than 12 hours, Zero Covid policy requires, but will not be tense. Olaf Scholz will walk on eggs for his trip to China Friday November 4, the first of a European leader since 2019.

Berlin. After CDU boss Merz visited Kyiv in early May, there was radio silence between him and that of the federal government. At a dinner together, Merz spoke out with Chancellor Scholz. A review and how it is now about your relationship.

Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (r, SPD) spricht mit Friedrich Merz, CDU-Bundesvorsitzender, im Bundestag (Archivfoto). Chancellor Olaf Scholz (R, SPD) speaks to Friedrich Merz, CDU federal chairman, in the Bundestag (archive photo).

Union faction leader Friedrich Merz and Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), according to the CDU chairman, resolved months. "The Chancellor and I had a detailed dinner together, and that was not right in the newspaper the next day," said Merz in a conversation with the German Press Agency in Berlin. He added: "We had a reasonable, good conversation, as it should be between Democrats."

Merz: Compromise in the "difficult"

 Merz: Compromise in the Union faction leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) sees little space for negotiations in the dispute over the new citizens' benefit. "The Federal Government takes a complete change of system in labor market policy with this law. Compromise is difficult," said Merz of the "Welt am Sonntag" (Wams). He rejected the "paradigm shift", which the federal government would do with the citizens' allowance, it said.

"The Federal Government and the Federal Chancellor had initially hired any communication with us after my visit to Kyiv," said Merz, the had tried to eat with the Chancellor for a long time. "It needs a certain effort to restore it." Since the beginning of November "there have been normal conversations between the opposition and the government".

in the government, there was obviously "one - I think - completely unnecessary and less plausible anger that I traveled to Kyiv and did not wait until the Federal Chancellor Get away there, ”said Merz. The CDU politician described his current way of dealing with Scholz with the words: "It is professional, and it is also possible that we are currently talking properly with each other."

"Time of the high risk of infection is over" CDU boss Merz wants to declare Corona 2023 to declare

 from the perspective of the CDU chairman Friedrich Merz, the end of the isolation obligation for corona infected people is justifiable. He warned the fastest possible return to a largely normal life. In the meantime, he holds “siren alarmism” to the Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. © dpa Friedrich Merz, CDU Federal Chairman, pursues a debate in the Bundestag.

in view of the war of aggression against Ukraine, which started by Russian President Vladimir, against Ukraine Merz also spoke of a "year in the state of emergency" for the government. "Which does not mean that we do not criticize the government very specifically," he added at the same time. Much was brought on the way far too late by the traffic light, "many of these decisions are now simply made very bad," complained the CDU chairman.

about his relationship with CSU boss Markus Söder and to the Bavarian sister party said Merz: "There have rarely been there, where the CDU and CSU have worked as well and trustingly as there is currently no reason to be about the Union's Chancellor candidate for Speculating the Bundestag election 2025, he said to a question. "Our task is now to do proper work in parliament."

The CDU will work on the topic of business, energy and climate at the exam of its leadership in Weimar in January. “I want the party to host a holistic, integrated view of these topics. Economy, energy and climate simply belong together. ”

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