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Weird News: "Rockers Choir": Grannies and Papys singers make the

Naomi Ackie channels Whitney Houston in new trailer for biopic

  Naomi Ackie channels Whitney Houston in new trailer for biopic An emotional new trailer for the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic I Wanna Dance With Somebody has been released. One scene depicts Naomi Ackie, 30, channeling the late Houston as she was rising to fame and battled with a record label executive who criticized her, saying, 'a common criticism of you, your music isn't black enough.'She defiantly responds, 'that's just bull, and it makes me angry, actually. It's hateful and un-informed.

«Chœur de rockers» imagine les péripéties d'une bande de retraités du Nord férus de chant et bien décidés à ne pas se laisser marcher sur les pieds. France 3 cinéma/Les Films du 24/Les Films du Premier © Lucie Belarbi "Rockers" show imagines the adventures of a bunch of northern retirees keen on singing and well determined not to be walked on the feet. France 3 cinema/The films of 24/The films of the first This comedy borrows as much from "Full Monty" or from the "Big Bain" as at "Retirement House" . In "Rockers Choir", Alex (interpreted by Mathilde Seigner) is a hassle rock singer. This divorced mother who lives in Dunkirk turns with her group in the nightclubs. But she performs in front of people who do not always listen to her and for bosses who pay her to the slingshot. To help him, one of his friends offers him a mission: to prepare a group of retirees for a rhymes show organized by the town hall. Alex reluctantly accepts. But when these raging seniors learn that their teacher sings rock, they want to change their repertoire. Alex then decides to coach them in secret ... A tasty English comedy This first film, directed by the Duo Ida Techer and Luc Bricault, is inspired by a true story . Meeting by a Dunkerquoise association in 2009, a group of seniors aged 60 to 84, chooses to embark on rock. Under the name of Salt and Pepper, in reference to their "pepper and salt" hair, the training records an album of covers at Universal in 2018. And sings in increasingly large rooms, up to the Grand Rex in Paris. With its English comedy side, given by the scenes in a pub or on the ferry and by really touching parallel intrigues, the feature film pays a beautiful tribute to these grannies and singers. Even if his scenario has the air of deja vu and some twists and turns lack a little likelihood, "Rockers choir" works thanks to its removed pace: we follow with pleasure this improbable troop take up in a record time a challenge not really won in advance. Above all, these retirees, dredgers, unworthy and rebels are laughing at bad faith and energy. And who proudly claim: "We all have the age of Mick Jagger . "This" Rockers Choir "is therefore completely funny and" Feel Good ". Around an Mathilde Seigner who spares neither her voice nor his pain, the actors are hilarious (Bernard Le Coq and Guillaume Marquet in mind). As for Anne Benoît… what a stamp!

Kate leads touching tribute for carol concert with Queen's image projected on piano .
The Princess of Wales has made a touching tribute to the Queen tonight.Looking directly at the camera she said: "I'm so thrilled to be back at Westminster Abbey for our second carol service.

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