Sport: DTM-BOSS Berger lays down: "Lawson creates it 100 percent in the F1"

pit stop dispute in the DTM: Rules remain until the end of the season 2021 unchanged

 pit stop dispute in the DTM: Rules remain until the end of the season 2021 unchanged © Red Bull DTM-LEADER LIAM LAWSON continues to have an advantage at the pit stop regulations in the DTM will not change anything at least this season. This has finally decided the DTM umbrella organization ITR final after examining at the request of the ABT team, how big the advantage of Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo and the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is really.

Liam Lawson und Gerhard Berger: Schafft es der DTM-Leader in die Formel 1? © Motorsport Images Liam Lawson and Gerhard Berger: Is it the DTM Leader in Formula 1?

Even if DTM Leader Liam Lawson seems to look in the current Cockpitpoker of Formula 1 for the 2021 season through the fingers, DTM-Boss Gerhard Berger sees the 19-year-old Red-Bull talent in the long term in the royal class of motorsport.

"I am 100 percent sure that Liam Lawson will create in Formula 1," says Berger to ''.

"Maybe not next year, because I believe he needs a little more experience in Formula 2, but for me he is absolutely a Formula 1 candidate," said the Austrian, who in the formula 1 weekend in Monza had been asked by many people in the Formula 1 driver's camp as the New Zealandeer beats in the DTM.

Hockenheim penalties against Kelvin van der Linde: The explanation of the race director

 Hockenheim penalties against Kelvin van der Linde: The explanation of the race director © Abt Sportsline Kelvin van der Linde has not used his pit-stop penalty in the ABT Audi camp you were after the Sunday race of the DTM in Hockenheim more than operated. Above all, floated the concern for the health of the mechanic, which injured during the pit stop of Mike Rockfeller. But Kelvin van der Linde also sticking the bad luck to the chopping. of the South African, who started as a total guide in the Sunday run, received two five-second time.

Berger jokes: "Albon would not have done it without DTM" Alexander Albon © DTM Alexander Albon

that the DTM works as a springboard for Formula 1 is for the DTM boss by the comeback of Lawson's AF Corse Team Colleagues Alex Albon anyway fixed. "Now I can say that Albon would never have come back to Formula 1 when he was not started in the DTM," says Berger. "Fun aside, but this shows that a driver who has not been a year in Formula 1 can hold his name with the DTM high in the course."

For a year Albon has held in Ferrari after his out of the DTM Fit in the DTM. In 2022, the Thai British passport returns to the Williams team in Formula 1. For Gerhard Berger, it is no surprise that the DTM is interesting for Formula 1 candidates because it guarantees an extremely professional environment. This applies to both young drivers as well as for pilots who like Albon looking for an intermediate solution.

Lucas di Grassi after guest start via DTM-Future: "GT3-season No topic"

 Lucas di Grassi after guest start via DTM-Future: © DTM Lucas di Grassi gives his DTM guest start in the ABT Audi on the Hockenheimring to farewell has Lucas di Grassi from the Abbot Team Two DTM guest starts get in an Audi R8 LMS from Abt gifts . The Brazilian made his first start at the Hockenheimring and Holt on Saturday a 15th Place. On Sunday he had to park his car prematurely because of a problem with the V10 engine.

Liam Lawson © Motorsport Images Liam Lawson

In addition, Albon could prove to the Nürburgring with its DTM victory on the Nürburgring that it can be adapted to adaptive vehicles.

What role does the DTM play for Liam Lawson?

This is a clear quality feature for Berger, because there were riders who "can drive everything. And that's exactly what makes a good driver," the DTM Boss clearly represents. Lawson has also proved this proof.

The Red Bull Junior starts in the 2021 season in parallel in Formula 2, in which he is currently in place with a victory, and in the DTM, in which the 19-year-old leads the rating with three wins in the account . But what role does the DTM play for the youngster?

"I am very grateful that I have got the opportunity to start in such a championship," says Lawson opposite ''. "That may not be the career ladder that leads into Formula 1, but the DTM is still a huge championship. She is much bigger than the formula 2. I had to learn a lot because everything was new to me, but I am very happy about driving here. "

Norisring DTM: Lawson beats van der Linde to Saturday pole

  Norisring DTM: Lawson beats van der Linde to Saturday pole Red Bull protege Liam Lawson claimed a crucial pole position in the penultimate qualifying of the 2021 DTM season at the Norisring, beating his title rival Kelvin van der Linde.The laptimes tumbled rapidly around the short 2.6km circuit in Nuremberg as the session progressed, helped by drivers being able to complete multiple flying laps on a single set of tyres.

According to Lawson, Red Bull benefits from the commitment of the New Zealand in the GT3 championship. Whether the start in the DTM is advantageous for him on the way to Formula 1, Lawson does not know. "But she does not hurt me. For me it is important to drive in this championship because the level is very high and it's just a cool possibility."

More racing experience through the DTM

Since the Formula 1 junior series in the 2021 season set to a new format with significantly larger breaks between the races, Lawson can use the DTM to stay on everyone's lips. There are also so enough free weekends to race in addition to the Monoposto Junior Class. He says, "All others are not in the cockpit two months while I drive all the time."

that the Formula 2 cars and the GT3 bolides of the DTM are massively distinguishes the youngster because it can improve its adaptability. However, it is anything but easy to start in Formula 2 after a DTM race weekend. One reason is the tires, higher output and missing driving aids such as ABS in the monoposto series. In the course of the season, Lawson got used to the changeover.

Great apology from Kelvin van der Linde: "I'm not proud of" .
© Motorsport Images Kelvin van der Linde apologizes in his rival Liam Lawson to the K ontroverses events in the context of the DTM season finale last weekend on the Norisring in Nuremberg ruminated abundantly criticism on Abt-Audi-Pilot Kelvin van der Linde. Because of his collision with its championship rivals Liam Lawson and Maximilian Götz, the South African was massively attacked by his opponents , but also in the so-called social media.

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