Sport: psycho plays in front of the DTM final: Is Lawson Baden in the Dozenton?

Bernd Schneider: DTM in Hockenheim for BOP A "whole tight box"

 Bernd Schneider: DTM in Hockenheim for BOP A The DTM is guested on 1 and 3 October at the Hockenheimring in Baden-Württemberg. Bernd Schneider, who himself collected five DTM titles, 43 racing wings and 25 pole positions, expects a tight race weekend on the Grand Prix Course, because it emanates from a balanced balance of performance (BOP). The DTM teams were already testing in Hockenheim, which is why AVL already has many data. © Motorsport Photo "The balance between the individual vehicles has fit very well right away," h

The title finals on the Norisring, where Liam Lawson, Kelvin van der Linde, Maximilian Götz and Marco Wittmann fight for the DTM crown, is coming up. But where are the psycho plays? "It all remained calm so far," says Hrt-Mercedes-Pilot Götz. The Franke tried but still tried to make DTM leader Liam Lawson "a little nervous".

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on which method he puts? "I've already told him: Bring the swimming trunks with you!", Kids the best Mercedes AMG pilot in the field. "Because the duty is quasi for one who is debut on the Norisring, bathing in the dozen pond. This is my request to him."

You try to make each other "not mutually crazy, but challenge a bit," says Götz. The moderate water quality of the dozen pond, which is rather warned before bathing for health reasons, he does not see a problem. "That's why he should pure," the 37-year-old grins.

Hockenheim penalties against Kelvin van der Linde: The explanation of the race director

 Hockenheim penalties against Kelvin van der Linde: The explanation of the race director © Abt Sportsline Kelvin van der Linde has not used his pit-stop penalty in the ABT Audi camp you were after the Sunday race of the DTM in Hockenheim more than operated. Above all, floated the concern for the health of the mechanic, which injured during the pit stop of Mike Rockfeller. But Kelvin van der Linde also sticking the bad luck to the chopping. of the South African, who started as a total guide in the Sunday run, received two five-second time.

Götz to Lawson: "That was the case with everyone and also applies to you"

Götz's "request that Lawson should go in the dozenton Baden, already fell at the press conference after the DTM Sunday Race in Hockenheim, as Lawson and Götz behind Lucas auer The places two and three had occupied.

"You know, Liam: It is well known that new riders have to swim on the Norisring through the dozen pond," said Götz last weekend. "That's this pond next to the track. That was with us all so. So it's also for you."

Lawson was surprised: "You did that?" Götz then won no expression: "Yes, we drive there for many years." And also Mercedes-AMG colleague Lucas Auer turned on: "We show you the area."

"I hope that I will see you in the swimming trunks"

Then Götz precisely confessed his request: "I hope I'll see you in the swimming trunks and you go bathing in the pond." That brings happiness. " The uncovered 19-year-old could not believe it right and asked DTM questiontur Rene de Boer, whether that corresponds to the truth.

Lucas di Grassi after guest start via DTM-Future: "GT3-season No topic"

 Lucas di Grassi after guest start via DTM-Future: © DTM Lucas di Grassi gives his DTM guest start in the ABT Audi on the Hockenheimring to farewell has Lucas di Grassi from the Abbot Team Two DTM guest starts get in an Audi R8 LMS from Abt gifts . The Brazilian made his first start at the Hockenheimring and Holt on Saturday a 15th Place. On Sunday he had to park his car prematurely because of a problem with the V10 engine.

The game played with and clarified Lawson: "This is an initiation ritus. You have to do it." What the New Zealander announced: "Okay, then I will prepare myself." So you can see if Lawson is really the challenge in the run-up to the DTM weekend and jumps into the dozen pond.

makes Kelvin van der Linde at Götz 'tire the air?

but not only Lawson, but also Götz himself became victim of a small psycho play. Because the DTM posted on Tuesday on 'Instagram' a video showing Abt-Audi Pilot Kelvin Van der Linde in a department store at Götz 'Mercedes-AMG-GT3-Boliden. The South Africans attacks the right front wheel and indicates that he is intensifying the air.

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The text of the posting? "Better check your tire pressure, Maximilian Götz." In fact, the Bolide of the HRT-Mercedes pilot is currently in Nuremberg, where on Thursday evening an event in the pedestrian zone with Götz rises.

But the HRT-Mercedes title candidate may ever breathe again: Boliding is a showcar.

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