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Sport: NBA: Live on TV! Celtics Merroid Westbrook After Significant Sieg

NBA: Despite Lebron comeback: Lakers advised in Boston under the wheels

 NBA: Despite Lebron comeback: Lakers advised in Boston under the wheels the comeback by Lebron James for the Los Angeles Lakers did not succeed. At the Boston Celtics, the Californians were subject to 108: 130, because Jayson may be Tatum possibly Best season game and Dennis Schröder against his ex-team could put a lot of accents. © Provided by Spox Lebron James gave in Boston his comeback for the Los Angeles Lakers. Boston Celtics (8-8) - Los Angeles Lakers (8-9) 130: 108 ( Boxscore ) James played 32 minutes and looked pretty fresh without really shining.

The Boston Celtics have mocked Russell Westbrook after the significant victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Russell Westbrook wurde verhöhnt. © Provided by Spox Russell Westbrook was mocked.

After the 130-108 victory in the TD Garden was Ex-Laker Dennis Schröder at NBC Sports Boston in the interview. While the German gave up some words to the game, was in the belly banding next to his name of the sentence "Y'all Paying Russ $ 44 Million" appeared, to German as much as "You pay Russ (Westbrook) really $ 44 million lol".

More at Spox Lebron About comeback: "Have felt like a rookie"

In the summer, La to pick up Westbrook by Trade and Schröder no new offer to submit, after this 84 million over 4 years rejected during the season had . In the Lakers, Westbrook is to form a new Big Three together with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but now remains significantly behind the expectations.

NBA: After Rangelei: LeBron receives lock

 NBA: After Rangelei: LeBron receives lock Lebron James was locked by the NBA for a "lightweight beat" against Piston Center Isaiah Stewart for a game. This was announced by the league on Monday after having come on the eve of a violent rack between the Lakers star and Stewart. The pistons Big also received a barrier. © Provided by Spox Lebron James has first received a barrier from the NBA in his career.

His quotas are still under his career averages (42.8 percent from the field, 30 percent of downtown, 68.8 percent of the free-scale), his defensive is also partially dizzying and in the minutes without LeBron he does not create it, the offensive to wear the Lakers.

NBA: Schröder always better for Boston

also against Boston remained Westbrook long pale, score only 12 meters (5/13 FG) and took some wild threes early in the shotclock. Schröder on the other side is always better in Boston and may also start since the violation of Jaylen Brown.

This trust he pays back, he sets 17 points and 5 assists from the field over the season at 44 percent from the field and 32 percent from outside. Against the Lakers he was with 21 points and 6 rebounds to Jayson Tatum (37) and Marcus Smart (22) third-best throwers and with his arrow-fast drives from the Lakers defensive to stop.

Westbrook is still for two years and a total of 91 million in the Lakers under contract, alone this season he earns 44 million. By contrast, Schröder signed for 5.9 million with the Celtics and only one year.

Tritter victory! Derozan rescues Bulls .
Chicago Bulls lie against New York Knicks on course, but then clearly break before Demar Derozan is still for a happy end. For this, Taj Gibson is embarrassing. © Provided by Zitter victory! Derozan rescues Bulls Chicago Bulls have almost played a comfortable guided tour in the NBA and came against the New York Knicks only with Oh and Krach to a 119: 115 victory.

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