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Sport: PSG, Messi ... Henry ignites!

Messi, the PSG was trapped

 Messi, the PSG was trapped © provided by It is very often absent with the PSG. In the list of Challenges of Lionel Messi on its end of career, win a champions league with the Paris Saint-Germain is best in second position. The great dream of Argentinin is a secret for anyone, is to win a World Cup with his country. It was one of the conditions of Messi's arrival at PSG, which he could have the free field to prepare the World 2022, and that suited at the Capital Club.

Très surpris de croiser Lionel Messi sous les couleurs du PSG. © provided by Very surprised to cross Lionel Messi under the colors of the PSG.

Since the beginning of the season, Thierry Henry regularly officiates at the video premium microphone, on league lawns 1. The best scorer in the history of the Blues takes a very positive look at the evolution of the championship of France, carried by The Paris Saint-Germain , but not only.

"At some point, there was the arrival of Zlatan, explains Henry in an interview with Ludovic Giuly. There was also an important shot to keep mbled (in 2017, NDLR) and not letting go Young talents. I think it was a great shot because people started looking at the championship. After now, there is not only Paris, Zlatan and mbed. Besides mbled went out of Monaco. We s 'Is found in something where abroad, people started watching what was going on in the French championship. Now we are there. There is Leo Messi who is there too, and Neymar who came. But Now me what interests me is the game. I see coaches, right now, who are trying to see if they can win a match when they come back to the field rather than try not to Losing it or not taking goals. I see coaches that go forward and that too is important. "

For Messi, the PSG does not make the weight

 For Messi, the PSG does not make the weight © provided by The PSG is furious against the management of Messi by the selection Argentina ... The protests of Leonardo did not do anything. Despite the physical seeds with which Lionel Messi had to compose in recent weeks, forcing him to make a cross on the movements of the PSG to leipzig in the Champions League and Bordeaux in Ligue 1, the Sextuple Golden balloon rallied Argentina for the two games that the Albicetest should argue against Uruguay and Brazil.

The PSG is like the Yankees

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Kylian Mbappé, dans une interview accordée à l'Equipe, a mis les choses au point sur tous les dossiers chauds avec force. Voici les dix moments forts.

But this summer, a Cape Town has yet been crossed with the arrival at the PSG of a Golden Ballon Sextup. "I'm not going to lie, I was surprised at the start of seeing Lionel Messi from Barcelona. Even told him that he did not expect it. Now he comes to PSG. Paredes, Di Maria and his Friend Neymar had to talk to him about it. He sees that he has the ability to end up in a team that can win, already the championship, and I hope for him and French football Champions League. But it always makes me bizarre of See him, while I played with him, under the colors of the PSG. Is it auspicious for the French championship and for the PSG? Of course. Whether it's on the sales of jerseys or on The ground. We know that he has still not marked in the championship but he has already done it in the Champions League, it does not matter. But Lionel Messi in Paris is extraordinary. "

See you soon, Mauricio? Upbeat Pochettino returns home with PSG squad

  See you soon, Mauricio? Upbeat Pochettino returns home with PSG squad The Argentine boss went out of his way to sign his autograph for supporters at the airport as he remained upbeat despite seeing his PSG side lose 2-1 to Man City the night before.The Argentine boss went out of his way to sign his signature for supporters in the departures lounge as he remained upbeat despite seeing his side squander a one-goal lead before going on to lose 2-1 to Manchester City in the Champions League.

and this allows the league 1 and the PSG to take further dimension on the international scene. "I travel, I live in England, I lived in the United States. Now there are people who have the jerseys of Paris. They walk in the street with the Paris jerseys, has fun Henry. And I am Go even further: sometimes they do not even know what it's so powerful. It's like us, when you walk with the Cap of Yankees. People think it's New York cap, But it's the Cap of Yankees. But you do not even know that it's so much and so it's strong. It even goes beyond the league 1. But I'm glad to see what PSG and the championship could do too . As Lyon had done in the past to keep the league 1. "

When Thierry Henry and @ludovic_gioly talk about the @ Ligue1Ubereats ! Here is the first video of the three interviews between the two elders international! #Primevideo #henrygioly

- Prime Video Sport France (@pvsporten) November 19, 2021

Toni Kroos slams Messi's Ballon d'Or win and thinks Ronaldo should have finished above him .
Messi won a record-breaking seventh Ballon d'Or trophy in ParisHaving previously won France Football's prestigious prize in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2019, Messi moved even further clear of Cristiano Ronaldo with his latest triumph this year.

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