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Sport: A life's work for the formula 1

What could have been: The F3 hotshot who twice turned down Japan

  What could have been: The F3 hotshot who twice turned down Japan Racing in Japan has long been seen as a well-regarded path to becoming a professional career, and a successful 1999 season in the country had made Darren Manning one of the most sought-after hot properties. That explains why he turned down two chances to stay in the country - sliding doors decisions which he believes changed his lifeCertainly, without the approach that resulted in the Yorkshireman racing for Derrick Walker’s Champ Car team in 2003 when he was on the brink of joining Team Impul for a joint campaign in Formula Nippon (now Super Formula) and the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (now Super GT), the former BAR Formula 1 tester's career would have played out very differently.

Grove. He has shaped the formula 1: Frank Williams. His former team brought victories and World Cup titles, but the good times are over for a while. His life was always a mastering of crises and above all of two heavy fate. On Sunday he died at the age of 79 years.

 Frank Williams. © Alberto Pellaschiar Frank Williams.

Frank Williams had to master challenges again and again in his life, he never subled. He had goals and daring ideas, especially Frank Williams had a great passion: racing. His death at the age of 79 meets motorsport and in particular the formula 1 , which has lost another constant face of the past. "He was a true giant of our sport," said Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali. "His remarkable achievements and personality are left forever their traces in our sport."

Title Duel continues at Qatar Premiere

 Title Duel continues at Qatar Premiere in Formula 1 the title decision is becoming more and more. In qualifying of Qatar it goes between Lewis Hamilton and Max stood around the poles. © Provided by Title duel goes to Katar premiere The first partial success was able to record Red Bull already at the beginning of the race weekend in Qatar. (Data: The Driver's Development of Formula 1) Mercedes had had to check if Max stapped in the preceding Grand Prix of Brazil in the duel with Lewis Hamilton made criminal off.

As a driver, Frank Williams failed early, the money was missing. He worked as a mechanic and tried to build the finances by selling used cars. In 1977 he founded his own Formula 1 racing team with Patrick Head. Only three years later Williams triumphed and won both the driver and the Constructor World Cup.

The beginning of a sporty epoch, which is also shaped by black hours. In a Williams race car, on 1 May 1994 on the racetrack in Imola, the Brazilian Formula 1 icon Ayrton Senna fatal. One blow that Williams met more as his own destiny.

In 1986, Frank Williams crashed on the return journey of testing in the French Le Castellet with his car. "After six, seven surcharies, I felt a stinging pain in the neck. I wanted to grab after the seat belt, but I could not, "Williams described once. He pulled himself a violation of the spinal cord, he would never run anymore.

Schumacher family ensures record sum

 Schumacher family ensures record sum As part of this year's RTL donation marathon, the family has taken care of Formula 1 pilot Mick Schumacher for a record. © Provided by Schumacher family ensures a record amount As part of this year's RTL donation marathon, the family around Formula 1 pilot Mick Schumacher has the sum of 500,000 euros collected by the German asset advice (DVAG) Million increased and taken care of for a record.

Williams is then dependent on help. The skin pale, the voice usually thin and always a little bit of titrig. Williams spoke softly. Williams spoke slowly. But Williams still had something to say. He liked to tremble his drivers. He also called him the "Wheelchair General".

20 minutes before the presentation of the then racing car from BMW-Williams, the native Mönchengladbacher Nick Heidfeld learned in January 2005, first that he would be one of the two celebrities pilots in the following season. "When Team boss Frank Williams announced that, I did not want to believe it at all," Heidfeld had said at that time.

Heidfeld, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Ralf Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Nico Hülkenberg - German drivers stood high in the course at Williams. From 2000 to the end of 2005 Williams worked together with the Bavarian car maker BMW. Currently, the team gets the engines of Mercedes. The success of once is history. One who can feel when you visit the headquarters of the team in the English Grove near Oxford.

What could have been: The Norris-Herta-Sutton fight that never was

  What could have been: The Norris-Herta-Sutton fight that never was Ash Sutton is now well-established as a modern great of the British Touring Car Championship, having scored three titles in the past five seasons. But plans were afoot for Sutton to stay on the single-seater ladder, which would have put him into direct confrontation with a future Formula 1 star and IndyCar talent - a tantalising prospect for manySutton had a deal in place to compete in what would eventually become known as British Formula 4 with Jamun Racing, one of the teams he drove for on his way to third place in the 2014 Formula Ford standings.

There you are the team's world champion cars, which is currently miles away from the former glamual times. The last of the seven World Cup titles in the drivers and nine at the designers took the Williams team in 1997. The last of the 114 victories gave the team in May 2012 in Barcelona. Beautiful moments in the Vita of a man who gave everything for the formula 1.

Williams' influence had become smaller over the years, his daughter Claire took more and more operational business. At the racetrack, Frank Williams had been in September 2016 in Monza. A pneumonia triggered great worries about it.

Monza then marked a turf in 2020. Claire Williams announced the retreat of the family from Formula 1 to the Grand Prix of Italy. The sale of the racing team to a US investment company was preceded. After 739 Formula 1 races in more than four decades was over. Investment company Dorilton Capital based in New York spoke of a "new chapter" in the team history. Williams did not want to stand in the way. It was the end of an era.

On Friday, Frank Williams was admitted to a hospital. On Sunday he was "peacefully died," shared his family. "It was a real honor to race for him and be a small part of the incredible heritage he leaves. A heritage that will continue in the heart and soul of this team, "Williams-Pilot wrote George Russell to say goodbye.

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