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Dembélé, the Great Announcement of Barça

 Dembélé, the Great Announcement of Barça © provided by Ousmane Dembele What future for Ousmane Dembele ? While his lease at FC Barcelona ends next June, the tricolor winger still negotiates an extension of contract. Discussions traveling but that could soon endow Mateu Alemany, Catalan Club Football Director. " His idea is to stay at Barça" Video: New Ciudad Training Real Madrid (Real Madrid) Your Browser Does Not Support This Video " Dembélé has always wanted to conclude a renewal agreement with us.

The characters are more and more on farewell. Barça -Star Ousmane Dembélé has rejected the latest offer of the Catalans - the final decision is already falling on Monday.

Ousmane Dembélé wird den FC Barcelona wohl verlassen | Soccrates Images/GettyImages © Provided by 90min OUSMANE Dembélé will probably leave the FC Barcelona | Socrates Images / GettyImages

Actually, the contract extension of Ousmane Dembélé seemed to be a matter of formality at the FC Barcelona . The French outer storm should extend its opponent contraction over the year 2022. According to the Spanish newspaper sport, the player with his employer was also in principle agree.

, however, it seems quite as if the 24-year-old did a backdrop. The day before the same newspaper reported that the arrow-fast offensive star has achieved an agreement with Juventus Turin. In addition, Dembélé still hope for an offer from PSG.

"An incredible moment" for the prodigy of PSG

 © provided by PSG has played some young people against feignies-aulnoye, like Xavi Simons. Xavi Simons holder, Edouard Michut and Ismael Gharbi entered into play ... Sunday evening, the fans of the Paris Saint-Germain were able to see at work some of the announced nuggets of the club training center, which have Struggling to get a place in the professional workforce of Mauricio Pochettino, well filled. Facing Feignies Aulnoye, a record has even been beaten.

Finale's conversation on Monday: Xavi massively annoyed

The Spanish AS reports now, that FC Barcelona will stop a final conversation with the consultant of Ousmane Dembélé on Monday. If there is no agreement there, the player should be sold in January.

Trainer Xavi allegedly encourages the whole matter extremely acidic. The coach has calculated as the entire club with an extension and feels now led to lied and led behind light. That alone can be considered a clear indication that the cloth between player and club is practically torn.

suggests Juventus in winter? FC Bayern probably out

It is not clear if Juventus Turin wants to get the player in winter or hopes for a release-free train in the summer. The FC Bayern will probably no longer intervene in the poker. The majority of rumors clearly suggest that Bavaria officers have too much doubts about the character's chamber of the player. If one draws the current contract to mind, it is foreseeable that the Munich without Dembélé could spare a lot of trouble.

Didier Roustan shatter Dembélé .
© Provided by Ousmane Dembele The future of Ousmane Dembele always appears as uncertain. At the end of the contract in June, the former Rennais would continue to continue the adventure with the FC Barcelona but its salary requirements are judged inadmissible by its leaders. To believe the Catalan press, the native of Evreux would indeed claim some 40 million euros of annual salary and as much for its premium to signature.

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