Sport: Open from Australia. Novak Djokovic trained tonight, his visa still under the threat

Tennis: Australia blocks entry of Djokovic because of its vaccination status

 Tennis: Australia blocks entry of Djokovic because of its vaccination status TENNIS AUSTRALIA DJOKOVIC: Tennis: Australia blocks entry of Djokovic because of its vaccination status © Reuters / GUGLIELMO MANGIAPANE tENNIS: AUSTRALIAN BLOCKED iNPUT DJOKOVIC BECAUSE oF HIS STATUS IMMUNIZATION Courtney Walsh and John Mair MELBOURNE (Reuters) - World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic was denied entry to Australia Thursday amid outcry over an initial decision to grant the Serbian player a medical exemption so he can participate in Melbourne at the first Grand Slam of th

Novak Djokovic, en février 2021 à Melbourne. © AFP / William West Novak Djokovic, in February 2021 in Melbourne.

Novak Djokovic returned to the courts after his prolonged passage by a migrant detention center, upon his arrival in Melbourne. Unless a week from the beginning of the tournament, his participation remains uncertain.

Novak Djokovic was training on Tuesday on the Australian Open website, in the aftermath of its resounding judicial victory against the Australian government and its liberation, while its participation is still outstanding, the Australian government can still cancel a new visa again.

The world's number 1 of tennis, which dreams of winning Melbourne's 21st title in Grand Slam, was seen warming up in a gym before entering the players area and heading for the short central , six days before the start of the competition.

Case Djokovic: The world of tennis between amazement and prudence

 Case Djokovic: The world of tennis between amazement and prudence © Aurelien Morissard / Panoramic Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic. Viktor Troichki, captain of the Serbian Cup Davis and Friend close to Djokovic, does not chew his words in the team : "Never no athlete, not just tennis player but one of the biggest champions in the world , has been treated in this way, tortured somehow. It is a huge scandal, which has nothing to do with tennis or sport, it's just political.

I have come here to play one of the most important tournaments in front of incredible spectators, had the 34-year-old Serb have been vaccinated, on Instagram Monday at the end of the day, under a picture of him and his Team standing on the Central Court of the Australian Open.

but at a week from the beginning of the Australian Open (January 17-30), Christopher Tran, a government lawyer, warned that Canberra could still decide to expel the player, which would have the consequence of prohibiting him Any entry into the territory for three years.

"Personal Power"

The Australian government has declared Monday night that it reflected the measures to be taken.

The Minister of Immigration, Mr. Hawke, always has the opportunity to consider the annulment of Mr. Djokovic's visa under his personal power, "said his office in a statement to the media. The minister is currently studying the question and the process remains ongoing , he added.

Novak Djoković in Australia: Tennis player reports to Sklat to arrive for the first time from quarantine to speak

 Novak Djoković in Australia: Tennis player reports to Sklat to arrive for the first time from quarantine to speak The third night spends Novak Djoković in Melbourne in a hotel for everyday life. Sympathizers, but also critics went to the street before. The Australian government also reported to speak. © Loren Elliott / Reuters It was not exactly contentious words that Novak Djoković turned to the public on Friday afternoon after his landing in Melbourne to the public. But after all, he turned to the public after days of silence.

The decision of Anthony Kelly J., however, is a cooking set for Australia, which has imposed stringent border restrictions to fight the pandemic for two years. The judgment further provides that the costs incurred by the 34-year-old officer-that assured the CVIVID in December to justify his application for medical exemption will have to be reimbursed and will be at the expense of the Australian taxpayer.

Djokovic, nine times the Open Champion of Australia, landed in the country on January 5, equipped with a medical vaccination exemption justified by a positive test at COVID-19 on December 16 of last year. Last year. I am not vaccinated , said Djokovic to the border official, according to a transcript published by the court. He had been disconcerted by the fact that his medical exemption, approved by two medical committees in Australia, was not accepted.

After a night interrogation at Melbourne Airport, border control officers decided that the medical exemption was not valid, canceled its visa and transferred it to a detention center pending expulsion . The Australian government insists that a recent infection has as an exemption only for residents, not for foreign nationals who are trying to enter the country.

Djokovic appeal reveals positive Covid test in December

  Djokovic appeal reveals positive Covid test in December Novak Djokovic's appeal to enter Australia with a medical exemption is based upon a recent positive Covid-19 test, a court filing from his lawyers has revealed.In court documents published on Saturday, it is stated the Serb recorded a positive test on December 16, and has "not had a fever or respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 72 hours".

According to the conclusions of the Tribunal, the player did not have the opportunity to oppose his arguments before his visa is invalidated by the authorities. In the next morning of his arrival, Djokovic was informed that he had until 08:30 to meet the possible cancellation of his visa. But at 07:42, the customs officer had already canceled it. For the judge, if the authorities had left him time, Djokovic could have consult other people and submit arguments to explain why his visa should not be canceled.

"Greater victory"

in Belgrade, his family has for his part congratulated the decision, believing that justice had been made. For me, it is the biggest victory of his career, greater than all his big kelms , even commented on his mother Dijana.

The player has broadcast on his social networks a photo where he appears racket in hand on a short of Melbourne with part of his team, including his coach Goran Ivanisevic. ATP, which manages the male tennis circuit, said that the case that led to the trial had been prejudicial on all fronts, including for the well-being of Novak and its preparation for the Open D 'Australia.

Read too. the ATP "rejoices" from the outcome for Novak Djokovic and encourages vaccination

the governing body of tennis stated that it respected the sacrifices of Australians, who endured travel restrictions and blockages for two Years "but added that it was clear that by going to Melbourne, the player" thought he had obtained a necessary medical exemption. "

Case Novak Djokovic. The Serb left Australia after a long leaflet .
© Mell Chun / AFP The Serb Novak Djokovic was seen at the airport by the AFP cameras. The Novak Djokovic aircraft took off Sunday Melbourne Sunday, after the second cancellation of his visa by the Australian government, confirmed by the Federal Court. Novak Djokovic left Australian territory on Sunday around 12:30 (French time) aboard an Emirates flight. His plane flew from Melbourne to join Dubai at first.

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