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Sport: Union Voglammer About Hertha: "What they want, I do not care"

Heintz: "Nice that still people believe in you"

 Heintz: after "three beautiful" seasons and last a "difficult half year" at the SC Freiburg, center-back Dominique Heintz has joined the 1st FC Union. In a media round, the 28-year-old spoke on Wednesday about his change and the branch in Breisgau. © Imago Images / Matthias Koch Union Berlin's new dominique HEINTZ has a lot. Becker falls after a positive Covid 19 test from he is only for a few days in Berlin, therefore has to be oriented.

After changing the summer of Arminia Bielefeld to the 1st FC Union, it did not ran for Andreas Voglsammer for a long time as hoped for. On Saturday against Hoffenheim, however, the striker used his chance and marked his second goalout - just in time for the Cokalderby at Hertha BSC.

Fingerzeig: Ist Andreas Voglsammer nun wieder zurück im Geschäft der regelmäßigen Torschützen? © Imago Images / Jan Huebner Fingerende: Is Andreas Voglsammer now back in the business of regular scorers?

goal on the weekend has been "very, very important"

while Hertha continues to be in search of constancy and fighting against the descent, Union presents itself very compact and stable even this season. The Irishes to which a renewed qualification for the European Cup will go as a spreadsheet and with the latest 2: 1 success on Hoffenheim in the back in the Pokalderby in the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday (20.45, live! At " The mood," says Union attacker Andreas Voglsammer, "is generally good for such a victory".

Hospitals 'are crippled' by 14-day isolation rule for patients

  Hospitals 'are crippled' by 14-day isolation rule for patients Experts warned that hospitals were being 'crippled' by the rules, which force patients into two weeks of quarantine even if they are only a close contact of a Covid sufferer. Currently, most people have to isolate for as little as seven days if they test positive for Covid. If they are a close contact of someone with the virus, they no longer need to isolate at all if they are fully vaccinated.But in hospital any patient who tests positive – or who comes into close contact with a confirmed case – has to be treated in isolation for 14 days. They have to remain in quarantine even if they later test negative.

The striker who has again met against the Kraichgauer after almost four-month dursts in the league, does not make a secret of how important the victory and last but not least his personal success experience were for him.

"There's a bit of pressure from the shoulders," says Voglsammer. After being changed from Bielefeld to Union in the summer, he had excluded more playing time (and more goals and templates). But often the 30-year-old remained only the role of the Joker. "As a striker, the team always wants to help goals. That's not so successful for me in recent weeks and months. That's why it was very, very important for me that I could help the team now," says Voglsammer.

"It is enormously difficult"

against Hoffenheim he was one of the main actors. With the role he would certainly be satisfied on Wednesday in the COKALUEL with Hertha. That the city's rivals also struggling with more difficulties in this season than the Köpenicker, Voglsammer is aware. Nevertheless, he warns of the battered rival.

Delta or Omikron? So Hertha BSC run the Corona tests

 Delta or Omikron? So Hertha BSC run the Corona tests The Bundesliga clubs are just caught by Corona. The big question: Is it still delta or omikron? Herthas Manager Fredi Bobic explains how to test the Blue-Whites. © Provided by Berliner Kurier Hertha has been testing all professionals, coaches and physios regularly since pandemia, has even built up their own room with test station. Since then, almost all actors have vaccinated and should not be checked according to rules. The blue-whites are very precise.

"It's a cup game, the cards are always mixed completely different. It is enormously difficult," says the striker and explains: "That Hertha has enormously many qualities, we have to do our game again, our strengths Place in the square and pure everything. If we do that, I am good things. "

In the league Hertha decided clearly for the past two home duels with Union (4: 0 and 3: 1), but the Iron Lastly, in November in the old Försterei, with 2: 0 sat down. This defeat two months ago, which had ushered in the end of the term of coach Pal Dardai with the old lady, of course, the city's rivals "not tasted". But whether she's Hertha for the Pokalderby especially Anstagele, the games no role, Voglsammer, who emphasizes: "How sharp they are to take revenge, I do not know. We do not want to progress me."

Hertha sees black: Bochum, I gright me in front of you! .
How is Herbert Grönemeyer singing so beautiful: "Deep in the West, it's better than you believe." This is also true from Hertha view for VfL Bochum. The coming opponent, as described by the cult singer "in front of work very gray," a lot lives in what the blue-white has been completely offset for some time. Bochum, I gright me in front of you! © Provided by Berliner Kurier No question, the week left traces.

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