Sport: Bayern wins without shine - Cologne Furios - Wolfsburg wins crisp

FC Bayern: Bavaria-talent apparently before jumping

 FC Bayern: Bavaria-talent apparently before jumping © Provided by Spox Christopher Scott: Talented and flexible offensive players of the FCB amateurs, which was a lot to be added in advance of the preparation. But injured in the first test against Cologne and barely got the opportunity to show up in the absence of the stars. All FCB news and breeds from the previous day there are here.

The Munich celebrated after the CL slipper a lackluster work victory against FC Augsburg. Bielefeld experienced a completely used day in Wolfsburg, while Cologne against Mainz from a 0: 2 made a 3: 2. In Fürth Gladbach did not shine.

Matchwinner: Robert Lewandowski und Luca Kilian (re.). © imago / Jan Huebner Matchwinner: Robert Lewandowski and Luca Kilian (re.).

Bundesliga, 29. Gameday

After the disappointing 0: 1 defeat in the quarterfinal first leg of the Champions League at FC Villarreal, FC Bayern was compensated for the FC Augsburg. But the Münchner changed to four positions were difficult, hardly danger to bite and passionate Augsburgs and could only be dangerously looked dangerously after the side of the page, when Gikiewicz Lewandowski trial steered around the post. Only a trademeter of Oxford broke the spell for the record champion, Lewandowski seemed safe from the point and brought the Münchernern so the lackluster 1: 0 work victory (82.). Müller celebrated the first fedlist at all 300 victories in the Bundesliga, while Kimmich at the same time set a Bundesliga record of Arjen Robben. Kimmich now used as the Dutch of 196 games for 150 victories.

Premier League Duo sets Marmoush to his shopping list

 Premier League Duo sets Marmoush to his shopping list Omar Marmoush will leave the VFB Stuttgart again at the end of the season, so much is. However, it is unclear for which club he will then head. © Provided by 90min Omar Marmoush | Markus Gilliar / Gettyimages "In summer, Omar comes back to us!" Wolfsburg-Boss Jörg Schmadtke made recently clearly opposite the Wolfsburg General Zeitung , that the VFB Stuttgart has no chance to keep Marmoush after the end of the rental business in the rural.

used day for Arminia Bielefeld

The VfL Wolfsburg (three defeats in a row) caught the better start in a crisipe against Bielefeld (five times Sieglos) and thank Nmecha early (11th). For the Arminen, it came even thicker, because Brunner had to be replaced after a collision with wind after a scarce half an hour - it was already the second change of the Bielefelder, since Coach Frank Kramer had brought for Andrad for Andrad for Andrad for Andrad briefly. When Nmecha also laced the double pack, the used day of the guests was already perfect (38.). Arnold's direct transformer free kick (48.) and Kruses 4: 0 (53.) Immediately after resource whistles provided early decision (48.).

Cologne's Kilian: First Pechbird, then luck lunch

in Cologne had the Mainz lending Kilian early unlucky when he was just in the game against his ex-club a Burkardt shot crucial and thus contributed that the 05s were in the lead (14) .). In general, the counterparties in this game held the scales, the Rheinhessen mutatized in Torn coat but purposeful and beat again after the resource whistle again, this time on onisiwo (55th). However, the 2-0 of the Austrian kept SKhiri Postwendend (60.) and breathed the effe for such a new life. The Geißböcke then fell with success: LJubicic (78.) and just Kilian (82nd) ​​made the Rhine Energy Stadium to the Tollhaus.

Hectors Bock Playing: Cologne loses at Union

 Hectors Bock Playing: Cologne loses at Union at the fan return at the old Försterei was in an intense, but opportunity in a duel between Union Berlin and the 1st FC Cologne a dropout of Hector. © Imago / Matthias Koch Awoniyi enforces ice cold to the 1: 0 victory goal. Köpenicker exit Siegloss series at the duel between Union Berlin and the 1st FC Cologne, not only the spectators returned to the Stadium on the old forester, but also the former Unioner Player Steffen Baumgart.

Gladbach rewards quickly in Fürth

oppressively superior was the Gladbacher Borussia in Fürth and then rewarded himself quickly after fine combination and ice-cold completion of Thuram finally for the good start (18th). Shortly thereafter, the VAR switched on to Lainer because of a foul of Tillman, the following penalty converted Plea safely to 2: 0 (24th). The shamrock was not hanging in the further course, but was clearly inferior under the dash and had finally beaten. The descent increases more and more concrete trains in Franconia.

Brandt swings to the BVB matchwinner on

on the Friday , the VFB Stuttgart kept a long time against the BVB for a long time, but was ultimately empty, because the Westfalen Brandt laced a double pack (12th, 71.). The 25-year-old was not intended for the starting elf of the Dortmund, but he was extremely replaced early in early violation of Reyna. Incidentally, Reyna was not the only injured person who had to complain about the BVB, Dahoud (shoulder) and Hummels (thigh) had to involuntarily out.

Dortmund folds Wolfsburg .
© Supplied by Sofoot Borussia Dortmund 6-1 Wolfsburg Goals: Rothe (24th), Witsel (26th), Akanji (28th), CAN (34e) and Hauand (38th and 54th) for BVB / / Baku (81e) for the VFL Wolfsburg has something to be green. at the Westfalenstadion This Saturday afternoon, Borussia Dortmund has only bored Wolfsburg (6-1). All in halftime. Well left, the yellows set foot on the ball and started their festival.

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