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Sport: Mexico: Disappearance of Rosario Ibarra, figure of human rights and disappeared persons

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Mexique: en 2006, Rosario Ibarra, militante des droits de l'homme et féministe et Andrès Manuel Lopez Obrador, alors maire de la capitale Mexico. © Reuters - Daniel Aguilar Mexico: In 2006, Rosario Ibarra, Human Rights activist and Andrès Manuel Lopez Obrador, So mayor of the capital Mexico.

It was the Mexican president who announced the death Saturday of Rosario Ibarra, tireless militant of human rights in Mexico and in particular the cause of the missing, in memory of his son.

"Bad news", commented on the Mexican President. The emblematic Mexican human rights activist Rosario Ibarra died on Saturday at the age of 95 in Monterrey (in the north of the country), Announced Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Amlo).

"His life will always remind us of the need to love our children deeply, to be in solidarity with those who suffer because they have lost their loved ones," says Amlo on Twitter.

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After the disappearance of his son Jesus Piedra, accused of belonging to the Communist League September 23, Rosario Ibarra had founded the committee for the defense of detainees, persecuted, disappeared and political refugees, known as "Eureka Committee! In 1977.

The Mexican Commission on Human Rights, presided over by his daughter, Rosario Piedra, the Mexican antenna of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and many other organizations welcomed the commitment And the work done by Rosario Ibarra.

The enforced disappearances between 1960 and 1980

the disappearances began in Mexico with the "dirty war" of the authorities against the revolutionary movements of the 1960s-80, recalls the France Presse agency. Like Argentina or Chile, albeit less systematic, Mexico has experienced an episode of enforced disappearances because of the army, police and paramilitary groups. Their targets, as in the countries of the South cone, the movements of the left and in particular the Communist League 23 September, in which the son of Rosario Ibarra, dissolved in 1983 after defied for a decade the Revolutionary Party Institutional (PRI). from 1929 to 2000.

Because of alleged violations: Russia closes offices from Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and German Foundations

 Because of alleged violations: Russia closes offices from Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and German Foundations Russia prohibits the work of several well-known international organizations. Among them are German party funding. © Photo: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich Amnesty has to close the office in Russia. Russia has banned the work of several partisan German foundations and international human rights organizations.

An research unit on missing persons during the "dirty war" was created in 2019; Among his missions, find the " stolen babies ", that is to say the children born in captivity. Some 500 people disappeared during this period, according to the Mexican Commission on Human Rights.

This cause of the missing, Rosario Ibarra and his "Eureka committee! It also defended it by playing its own role in an feature film on the subject, Cementerio de Panel, from Xavier Robles in 2006.

A political commitment also

born in Saltillo, in the state of Coahuila ( In the north of the country) in 1927, Rosario Ibarra was also the first woman candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Mexico in 1982 under the banner of the PRT. It will be elected in the Senate in 2006 and several times cited to be Nobélizable. Among his other weapons facts, a hunger strike - with other mothers of disappeared known as the Doñas - in 1978 in front of Mexico Cathedral, a site prohibits demonstrations. Thanks to the commitment of these activists and international pressures, an amnesty is declared in 1978, prisons open and a number of political detainees are released. But the problem of missing remains acute: their number explodes from the 2000s, with the rise in the activity of the narco-traffickers in Mexico and the war that the former President Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) declared to cartels . Crimes that also taint the mandate of the current President Andrès Manuel Lopez Obrador, despite the commitments made during his campaign.

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