Sport: Déjà-Vu in the Jahnstadion: SSV throws Cologne again in penalties from the Cup

Qatar 2022: La Scaloneta, the cruise that will sail to the World Cup to back Lionel Messi's Argentina

  Qatar 2022: La Scaloneta, the cruise that will sail to the World Cup to back Lionel Messi's Argentina Argentina's fans are known to be among the most passionate in the world and the upcoming FIFA World Cup will not lose that reputation. Meet the cruise ship that will run aground in Qatar 2022 with the sole mission of supporting Lionel Messi and the Argentine National Team. The history of the FIFA World Cup could not be complete without addressing wonderful chapters written by the passion of the fans who religiously attend its matches and leave their souls in them. Qatar 2022 will be no exception to this, especially thanks to one of the most special fans in world soccer: that of Lionel Messi's Argentina.

1. FC Köln has lost the first competitive game of the new season. The unbeaten Jahn took the lead 2-0, the FC came back, but gave too many chances. The second division team kept the upper hand again in the penalty shootout.

Grenzenloser Jubel: Der SSV Jahn Regensburg kegelte Bundesligist Köln aus dem Wettbewerb. © Imago/Eibner Limitless jubilation: The SSV Jahn Regensburg bowled Bundesliga club Cologne from the competition.

FC picks up 0-2 deficit, but does not reward

The SSV came into the season perfectly, fetched two victories at the second division and stayed without a goal. Regensburg coach Mersad Selimbegovic therefore waived changes in the starting eleven compared to the 3-0 win at Arminia Bielefeld.

to at least 2025: DFB Cup final of women remains in Cologne

 to at least 2025: DFB Cup final of women remains in Cologne The DFB Cup final of women will continue to be held in Cologne until at least 2025. This was announced by the German Football Association on Friday. After the end games took place in the Men's Finals in the Berlin Olympic Stadium for many years, there has been a separate event in Cologne since 2010. The location is optimal for the issue, said the DFB Vice President of Women's and Girls Football, Sabine Mammitzsch, in the message.

Cologne's coach Steffen Baumgart relied on two new additions to the first team, Pedersen and Adamyan. Captain Hector initially sat on the bench, cup goalkeeper Horn stood between the posts.

The FC wanted a revenge for the cup out one and a half years earlier in the round of 16, accordingly the Cologne started. But gradually the second division team showed cheeky, won the important duels and came to great opportunities. Mees awarded the first when he missed the empty goal from six meters (16th), but a little later Albers did better: Guwara was not disturbed on the flank, Chabot lost sight of the center of Alber, so this could easily Top the tour (18th).

Skhiri unhappy - dream gate Uth

After that, the Bundesliga club appeared unsettled and after Skhiri's loss of ball in the development game, the Jahn even increased to 2-0 (27th) through newcomer Owusu. The SSV seemed on the best way to the surprise, but Uth did the first euphoria dampers less than 60 seconds after the second goal: it simply pulled off from 20 meters, hit the ball perfectly and put them fantastically in the long angle (28th) .

Transfer hammer in the DEL? Best Khl defender before switching to the Cologne sharks!

 Transfer hammer in the DEL? Best Khl defender before switching to the Cologne sharks! Cologne - Star defender on a hint: The Cologne Haie from the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) is about to be committed by Nick Bailen (32). © provided by Tag24 Ice Hockey star Nick Bailen (32, left) won the title with the team USA at the 2013 Germany Cup. the person responsible around head coach Uwe Krupp (56) seems to have succeeded in a surprising transfer coup around a month and a half before the start of the new season.

The gate should give the guests to the guests, in which coach Baumgart converted to a 4-2-3-1 from 4-1-2-1-2 after a good half an hour. They performed better again, but there were still some mistakes in the back. Mees got too much space on the left, Owusu narrowly missed in the middle (42nd).

The 1st round at an overview

Baumgart did not change anything at the break, but then reacted after ten events and replaced the two newcomers Pedersen and Adamyan with Hector and Thielmann (56.).

Ljubicic compensates - it goes into the extension

with the fresh forces, a small jerk went through the team, which immediately culminated in a goal: With a little luck, the ball crashed into Kainz, at the center of Ljubicic and pushed for 2: 2 a (63.).

from then on the Cologne team determined the game without being really mandatory, Modeste remained pale for a long time. The extension was increasingly indicated - but FC turned up again in the last few minutes. However, since UTH (86th, 88th) was awarded and modest (90.+2) only headed to the crossbar, there was 30 minutes of extra time.

Radprofi Ackermann with the first WorldTour victory for two years

 Radprofi Ackermann with the first WorldTour victory for two years Tour © Imago/Sirotti Jubilee: Pascal Ackermann is targeting. The Palatinate Pascal Ackermann won the fourth stage of the Poland tour of 179.4 kilometers from Lesko to Sanok in the mass sprint on Tuesday. Places two and three took the Belgian Jordi Meeus from the German Bora Hansgrohe team and the Italian Jonathan Milan. In the overall ranking, the Colombian Sergio Higuita, which is driving for Bora, is ahead.

Maina cheeky, but that's not enough - again the penalty shootout has to be made with a bad news for Cologne: after a hard duel from Elvedi, goal scorer Modeste went to the ground with a loud scream and had to be replaced, for him Lemperle came into the game (94.). But in Maina another joker took care of the actions, he acted as a constant trouble and had the best chance in the first round, but Stojanovic parried the hidden shot confidently (94.).

stayed in the 2-2, since the FC no longer really came in front of the host in the second round, the Jahn successfully dragged himself into the penalty shootout and hoped for the new edition of the cup surprise one and a half earlier. And that, since Chabot and Ehizibue awarded the point on the part of the Cologne, it came, but all turned to Saller at Regensburg. FC caught up with a gap, but had to accept the end after the penalty shootout.

On Saturday, Jahn Regensburg welcomes 1. FC Nürnberg (1 p.m.). The new Bundesliga season (5.30 p.m.) begins on Sunday against Schalke on Sunday against Schalke.

The 2nd DFB Cup round will not be drawn until September.

Demolition at the regional league game between Oberhausen and Cologne .
Cologne. The regional league game between 1. FC Köln II and Rot-Weiß Oberhausen was canceled after a place storm. Fans are said to have stolen a fence flag as folders. Both clubs now announce a processing of the incidents. © Fabian Strauch police car. (Symborgoto) "The SC Rot-Weiß Oberhausen e.V. will now go into legal advice and evaluate what options exist," announced the board and security officer Thorsten Binder in a written statement on Saturday.

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