Sport: Verstappen criticizes Commissioners: Treat us like amateurs!

Max Verstappen demands Red Bull updates despite championship lead over Charles Leclerc

  Max Verstappen demands Red Bull updates despite championship lead over Charles Leclerc MAX VERSTAPPEN enjoys a 38-point lead in the Drivers' Championship over Ferrari's Charles Leclerc.Verstappen has finished on the podium in every race he has finished this season bar the British Grand Prix where he picked up major damage. However, the Dutchman is not satisfied as he suggested the team may still be behind Ferrari on pure pace.

Max Verstappen lässt kein gutes Haar an den Kommissaren © Max Verstappen does not leave good hair at the Commissioners

Tracklimits, even in Hungary, a big dispute in Formula 1 - only this time differently than expected. This time the FIA ​​in Q2 caused a sensation when it only stroked the time of Red Bull Pilot Sergio Perez in curve 5 due to a track limit offense before you realized that the Mexican was not over the white line, and the time suddenly accepted again.

Pierre Gasly was also quite frustrated after qualifying because his time was also deleted for a offense in curve 5, which made the French leave in Q1. He asked astonished how it could be in the curve.

Verstappen 'feels sorry' for Leclerc | 'Mistakes are easily made'

  Verstappen 'feels sorry' for Leclerc | 'Mistakes are easily made' French GP winner Max Verstappen said he "felt sorry" for world championship rival Charles Leclerc after the Ferrari driver crashed out from the lead of the race.Leclerc and Verstappen appeared set for another thrilling battle after the Ferrari had held off the Red Bull in the opening stages, but the lap-18 crash left Verstappen to cruise to a straightforward victory, which extended his world championship lead to 63 points.

In Austria, both drivers were the protagonists of another track limits when Perez 'Q2 time was only later deleted, which brought Gasly to his place in Q3.

For world champion Max Verstappen, the FIA ​​has now gone too far in terms of the route limit: "Yesterday evening you talked about the curve 13. The dashed line was the line limitation at the corner output," says the Dutch. "But there was a curb and a white line next to it, which for me personally is the route limitation."

he etches: "We have so many stupid little things that make it more difficult for you to control."

The drivers would like to help the FIA ​​and give advice, "but we were not listened to, and for me it is extremely frustrating," he says. "I don't want to fight with them, I just want to give advice. But it looks like they don't care."

Max Verstappen makes it clear when second world title may be wrapped up

  Max Verstappen makes it clear when second world title may be wrapped up MAX VERSTAPPEN took a huge step towards another world title by clinching a valuable victory in France.Ferrari ace Charles Leclerc qualified on pole for the French Grand Prix and weathered an early storm to build a relatively comfortable lead. But a cornering mishap saw him spin out of control and into the barriers, putting an end to his race and provoking a frustrated shriek over the team radio.

The Red Bull Pilot even goes one step further: "For my feeling, look at us as if we were some amateurs. And that's not correct, I think."

Verstappen wants gravel bed

when it comes to the right track limits, he has a clear opinion. Verstappen prefers hard borders like gravel beds because the drivers cannot see the white lines out of the car very well: "We could do ourselves a favor and make it much easier by simply making some gravel to the output or something. "

He wonders why you need 4 and 6 track limits in Austria in Austria. "There is gravel bed, and if you get out too far, then you punish yourself or damage your underbody and then your car is slower," says Verstappen without understanding.

"You just make life super difficult for yourself. Of course, people say, yes, we should just stay within the white line, but that is easier said than done," said.

"Do not see who has something of it"

Perez himself says that it was confused about his painted round "chaotic" and that the system is "not really suitable". "We have to look at this and see how we can do it better to have a little more consistency."

Haas Pilot Kevin Magnussen agrees with both Red Bull drivers: "It is very frustrating and I don't know why they do it. I don't see who has something of it."

Valtteri Bottas adds: "I am sure that you have a lot to do in the session to monitor the track limits. This is not ideal, but at least you checked what is good. I think it should be too : If you can prove that you were within the borders, then you should keep your round. "

Lewis Hamilton confused as Max Verstappen laughs at Ferrari Hungary woes in private talks .
LEWIS HAMILTON was back in the podium cool down room after picking up P2 at the Hungarian Grand Prix.While watching coverage of the race in the post-race cool down room, Hamilton appeared baffled at Ferrari's call to switch to the slowest compound tyre.

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