Sport: Bundesliga: Müller about Slapstick insert: "Probably circulating on the Internet"

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". That is why we are mainly on the pitch. In the situation in which we run against one with Serge, I have actually already seen something coming ", Müller initiated his reasoning on the Sat1 microphone:" Serge had a lot of time to think. Then unfortunately the pass was a bit too short for him. I had to wait for the ball until the Kostic is pre -grown. "

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The 32-year-old did not use the chance 3-0 in the 24th minute after getting Gnabry's inaccurate pass in the back and put the ball on the post. The ball jumped back, but even when laying it didn't work with the goal.

"This scene is probably circulating on the Internet," said Müller and should be right. Even the official Twitter account of FC Bayern wrote shortly after the scene: "That shouldn't be true." A user wrote of the "non-goal of the decade", another recalled of Frank Mill Mill's legendary missed 1986.

would be nice if I had sunk the rebound with my head, but you have to stand over it, shake it off and go on ", said Müller and was happy about the good performance of his team:" The rest of the first half was pretty cool. "

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