Sport: Variole of the monkey: How a Lille pharmacy is preparing to inject its first vaccines

Variole of the monkey: The future "very large, Parisian vaccination center" carried out 291 injections in four days, indicates the ARS

 Variole of the monkey: The future with 1,300 cases on July 28, Île-de-France is the most affected region from the country. © supplied by Franceinfo The EDISON vaccination center which is intended to become a "very large center" entirely devoted to protection against The variolate of monkey carried out 291 injections in four days, since its opening, 97 per day On average, the Ars Île-de-France said in a statement on Friday, July 29.

It is a pharmacy located in the city center of Lille , opposite the two stations, Lille-Flandres and Lille-Europe. There are metro mouths next door, which makes this pharmacy very accessible. "There is a lot of passage for sure, and we are also an pharmacy with an active line of quite significant target people, which accentuates this legitimacy," explains Fabien Florack, the director of the great pharmacy April. Europe went to Lille, where this pharmacy is one of the five authorized to inject the vaccine against The variolate of the monkey .

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Variole of the monkey: India announces the death of a contaminated man

 Variole of the monkey: India announces the death of a contaminated man last week, Spain announced two dead linked to the virus of the variolate of the monkey. © supplied by Franceinfo after Spain, India. Indian authorities announced on Monday, August 1, the death of a man contaminated by the variolate of the monkey, recently returned from the United Arab Emirates. The Ministry of Health of the State of Kerala, in southern India, said that tests on the 22 -year -old victim died on July 30 after being tested positive "show that man had the smallpox of monkey".

A target especially present in the city center

the target for this vaccine, who are homosexual or sex workers, is mainly present in town. This week, 126 injections are planned in a small room at the back of the Lille pharmacy, only by appointment. The objective for this manager is to run, to avoid queues, but there is also a logistics issue because these vaccines are kept at -80 degrees.

IMG_20220809_154207 (1) © supplied by Europe 1 IMG_20220809_154207 (1)

The pharmacy has its first doses of vaccine.

credits: Maximilien Carlier/Europe 1

"As soon as the vaccines are thawed, they have a shelf life of 14 days, so you must avoid lost doses," he explains to Europe 1.

Why must go quickly

vaccinating the greatest number of people quickly is the priority objective, as Gregory Tempemant, president of the Regional Union of Health Professionals in Hauts-de-France, notes. "It's worrying, it's urgent," he says. "We are also on the Belgian border. We know that there are festive events concerning the homosexual population which will take place soon. They can lead to an increase in the prevalence of the variolate of the monkey. We must go quickly in the vaccination."

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This experiment must last 15 days in the five pharmacies tests, two of which are located in Paris, one in Fréjus, another in Marseille and therefore that of Lille. Ultimately, it should be extended to other pharmacies.

France: Faced with the variolate of the monkey, "it is always relevant to make a dose of vaccine" .
© François Lo Presti / AFP A pharmacist administers a dose of imvanex, the vaccine against the variole of the monkey, to Lille on August 10, 2022. in France, nearly 3,000 cases of variole of the monkey were confirmed. While the country continues to vaccinate the target population affected by the disease, the public health agency announces that 47,000 additional doses were delivered in one week.

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