Sport: »Madness«: Jürgen Klopp criticizes high strain on football professionals

DOMINIC KING: Draw already feels like end of the world for Klopp

  DOMINIC KING: Draw already feels like end of the world for Klopp DOMINIC KING: They have created a culture at Liverpool where draws are compared to defeats and, on the banks of the Thames, you saw this mindset on the league's opening weekend.Mo Salah scurried to the dressing room at the final whistle, barely casting a glance towards the away section, Virgil van Dijk was similarly vexed, muttering to himself as the ramifications of the 2-2 draw with Fulham began to sink in.

several times, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp has warned about overloading football professionals. He collected criticism from Uefa President Aleksander Čeferin. This does not prevent him from adding now.

  »Wahnsinn«: Jürgen Klopp kritisiert hohe Belastung von Fußballprofis © Salvio Calabrese / UK Sports Pics Ltd / Imago

Liverpools Trainer Jürgen Klopp once again warned the high burden on football professionals and faced UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin. »I cleaned screws and what else do I know. I know what work means. I don't want to insult anyone, but just point out again that this game does not work without the players and is only really nice if the best are on the field, ”said Klopp in the» Kicker «interview.

Alisson Becker will miss Liverpool's pre-season friendly

  Alisson Becker will miss Liverpool's pre-season friendly The 29-year-old has not played since Liverpool's 4-0 defeat by Manchester United in Thailand earlier this month but is back in training at their camp in Austria. Liverpool take on Salzburg as part of their ongoing training camp in Austria ahead of Saturday's FA Community Shield match against Premier League champions Manchester City.

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Čefer had recently complained about Klopp because of his criticism of the overload of the professionals. Under paid "factory workers" would have to complain, said the UEFA boss. For Klopp this is a "polemical statement". He knew that other people would have to work a lot more. Mr. Čefer does not have to tell me that. ”

Klopp speaks of" madness "

for Klopp, the current system in football does not work. "There is only one direction where this leads, and that's against the wall," emphasized the 55-year-old. There are »too many different representatives of interest. Everyone pulls, nobody thinks of the players. Not one. Really not. ”A reasonable solution must be found. It is not constantly inventing new competitions and extending them. "It is" madness ".

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  Body dysmorphic disorder and the celebrities who suffer from it Most of us have concerns about our physical appearance. Whether it's a muffin top or a crooked nose, it's totally normal to notice our "imperfections." People who suffer from body dysmorphia are so fixated on their flaws that they can no longer see themselves as a whole. When they look in the mirror, it's the only thing they see, and the only thing they think other people see. This disorder can be debilitating and lead to anxiety and depression. Mental illness is being destigmatized in the 21st century, but issues around appearance and body image are more prevalent than ever. Click through this gallery to learn more about body dysmorphic disorder and hear from those who live with it.

He is "well conscious", Klopp continued, "that I live extremely well from the whole story. I have enough vacation. The players don't have it. We have to change that at some point. ”

recently criticized Klopp the

Premier League , which will be released on December 25 after the World Cup in Qatar. "If you come to the final at a World Cup and win or lose it or when you become third, you are pretty busy," said Klopp. "And then the rest begins a week later."

Klopp has already compared the problem of full game plans with the climate crisis: "It's like the climate. We all know that it has to change. ”The specific steps failed.

DOMINIC KING: Elliott can keep Liverpool's engine purring .
DOMINIC KING AT ANFIELD: The post-match chatter carried a familiar refrain. No Liverpool game takes place without the midfield being discussed and so it proved after Bournemouth's blitzing.This time, though, there was a twist. Rather than attracting scrutiny and criticism, talk about Jurgen Klopp’s engine room revolved around the fearlessness and enthusiasm that characterised the performances of two dashing tyros.

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